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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Thursday, November 24, 2011


During the past year,

Muse has lost some of its own. Karen McGrath and Hugh Fox...authors, editors, friends...but we lost another who came to us for a brief heartbeat of time.

I am of course speaking of Aydin Kendell Hopson, the baby son of our brother

Kevin Hopson and his exquisitely beautiful wife, Gunes.

For those who have not seen what I posted on September 1, 2010 in honor of this perfect young soul's brief but indelible impact upon all of us here at Muse, please follow the link to:


Aydin (whose name means LIGHT-BRIGHT) lives on in all our hearts and in the branch Lea and Litsa created here at Muse to permanently honor his part in this family we call Muse.
Animated Thanksgiving
Today is truly Thanksgiving.

Kevin has been absent on the loops and on FB so much I couldn't stop myself from missing him.

I sent him a humorous card today and recived a response that has my
heart soaring, my soul singing, and my body filled with unparalleled joy.

Kevin and Gunes, (whose name means SUN in Turkish), have given me the greatest honor.

Five weeks ago Gunes and Kevin became the proud parents of a son, Skyler Blue Hopson.

Mother, father, and son are well...and they sent me this picture to share...World meet Skyler Blue and his mommy and daddy.

So please take a moment to give thanks for the miracle of Aydin Kendell and now his brother Skyler Blue...and please join me in congratualting our

exceptional brother and his beautiful wife on the birth of Skyler Blue Hopson.

Kevin, Gunes...thank you so very much for allowing me the privilege of announcing your joy to our friends and family.

God Bless You and Keep you all.

With Much Love,


Tanja said...

Giving thanks!

MuseItUp Publishing said...

May love, health, and happiness always surround your family.


Heather Haven said...

This is wonderful and loving news. In a world often filled with sadness, the birth of Skylar and the joy he brings is, indeed, a welcome miracle.

Wendy said...

Congratulations to the proud parents and a big welcome to baby Skylar.

Emily Pikkasso said...

Congratulations Kevin and Gunes. Wishing you much joy and love.


writermama said...

A baby is truly the greatest gift. I hope the new family enjoyed their first Thanksgiving together. It's nice to hear about such a blessing. I'm sorry I didn't know about Aydin, but after hearing what was done in his honor, I'm even more proud to be a Muse author. Billi

Gloria said...

Congratulations to the mom, dad, and the little one.

Penny's Tales said...

Lovely story. Congrats to parents, auntie, and little Skylar

Christine London said...

Wonderful news! God bless them all and thanks for sharing, Lin.

Christine London

Brenda Hyde said...

That is indeed very special news:) They are a beautiful family, and I wish them the very best.

Rochelle Weber--Author said...

What wonderful news. Welcome, Skylar, and congratulations Kevin and Gunes.