Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat

Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Kat and I just celebrated

Thanksgiving and I posted a blog about the many reasons we have to give thanks.

Soon I will be reaching another decade milestone. Ten years ago I hit the dubiously magical milestone of half a this one is that over-the-hill twice demarcation point of...<big gulp...and not the the drink size> SIXTY.

You'd think by this time in my long life, I'd have finally figured out what it's all about...well in most areas, I still haven't a clue...but I do know SOME of what it's all about.
Kat and I are not traditional in how we approach the concept of angels, heaven, and yes, Our Creator, but we recognize the angels that walk among us. And now as Christmas approaches we want to honor them and how much they mean to us.

Since this is really MY blog, and not Kat's I have to begin my list of angels with her. I am in awe of this young woman I was lucky enough to give birth to. Diagnosed at the tender of age of 13 months old with Minimal Brain Damage and at 4 with Petit Mal Seizures, she excelled in spite of her limitations becoming a gifted corporate auditor. Unfortunately her brain did not stay with just the Petit Mal Seizures. In April 2002 she began having the Grand Mal, or tonic-clonic seizures as they are now called.

Leaving the corporate world and being reduced to having to wear a helmet against further brain injury, and not crumbling beneath the unintentionally cruel observations of children asking "What's with the freak?" when they see her out in her helmet, would have broken many others...myself included...but she faces the ignorance with a wince and then a smile. She moved past the limits becoming the talented writer she is today, and the angel that parked her wings in my world for me to love, cherish, and honor.
Christmas Angel - animated  (Christmas 2008) - christmas photo
Kat, you are my very first Christmas Angel. Your halo may look like nothing more than a helmet to the rest of the world, but to me it looks like the Light of Heaven on Earth.

Matt and Stephanie...I am not going to enumerate all that you have given me. You released me from fear of tomorrow and the nightmare it could have been. So you two are my second and third Christmas Angels.

My next Christmas Angel entered my world with a bang...a silent auditorial bang, but a big bang to the center of my heart. I worry constantly I will somehow let those I call my Angels down, and none more than this one.

She is so damned brilliant, creative, and generous. I felt her energy the moment she joined my Muse It Up Publishing house. She lifted me to heights I never thought I could achieve, and her story-telling talents leave me proudly watching her star rise beyond the stratosphere. 

Angel - angels photo
Karen Coté, you are my fourth angel.

My next angel gave me my dream and so very much more. Eleven odd years ago I had me my very own agent and editor. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven back then. The numbers these two threw at me...numbers they said I would earn as a writer, staggered my imagination and made me start fantasizing about the wonderful things I would finally be able to do for those I love. They lied.

Fastforward to March 29, 2010 and Lea Schizas. Not an open publisher yet, signed me to my very first contract. That book released eight months and two days later. It WON fifth place in the 2010 Preditors and Editors Readers Poll. My dream...I may never acquire the wealth the previous two slathered on about, but I have the gift of respect finally for the inner voice that must tell her stories no matter what.
Star Dust,Animated - angels photo
Lea Schizas, you are my fifth Christmas Angel, and you brought me my sixth Angel,

your incredible woman who understands the challenges I live with being the mother of a child with seizures.

Angels - angels photo
Muse Marketing Director Litsa Kamateros, you are my sixth Christmas Angel.
Gail, you gave me safety...angel number seven.

angel - angels photo

Tanja, you gave me my first real taste of sisterhood and friendship...angel number eight.
Angel - angels photo

Glenn, you gave me unconditional encouragement and steadfast guardian angel...angel number nine.

Rose you share my awe and understand my challenges...angel number ten.

Ginger you gave me humor...angel number eleven.

Muse itself gave me a choir of Christmas Angels and every single one of you brought light, laughter, joy, pleasure, and most importantly, family into my life.
Angels and More,Animated - angels photo
So to all my Christmas Angels, thank you, and may you have a rich, heartwarming Holiday Season that carries over into every day and every hour of the future stretching out ahead of us.
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Love You All.


gail roughton branan said...

And we love you! "Hearts are not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others." The Wizard of Oz to the Tin Man. Muse has the most amazingly big hearts in the world! We are all truly blessed with each other.

Tanja said...

Eight - the number of points in a Maltese Cross; the number that represents regeneration and resurrection. I am honoured to be here, among these special people! Thank you.

Glenn Kleier said...

What a sweetheart. I've never known a kinder soul in my life. It's an honor and privilege to be your friend, Lin. I wish you and Kat the best Christmas ever.



Lin said...

I am truly blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life. I knew Kat was special the moment I placed my glass of orange juice on the shelf made by my my eight month pregnant body and the baby inside, taking monumental exception to such an indignity, gave a swift kick, shooting that glass of OJ across the room..and let me tell you, for someone who couldn't see her feet, let alone bend over to try and find them, cleaning up that mess was a challenge.

Today we laugh about it. How many other mothers can say their children kicked the juice right off their bellies?

Gail, Tanja, and Glenn, I am so honored to have your love brightening up every corner of my world.

Love You All.

Karen Cote said...

Dearest Lin, I am blessed to be counted so close to your heart. Knowing you has enriched my life and I truly do love you. You are a precious soul and a very special being.

These are beautiful and you hold an eternal place in my heart and always will...

Larion aka Larriane Wills said...