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Saturday, December 24, 2011


So many years

Kat, Chris, and

I spent in hiding, afraid my

ex-husband would find us and return us to the horror that was our lives.

Who do you open to, trust, let past all your barriers?

The answer...the only SAFE answer is...

...but each other. Kat and my son lived the horror with me, so I could not trust anyone but them to know me, to share the ups and downs life tosses all our ways.

Two bouts of cancer...throughout them I tried masking much of what I endured from my children...(children should not have to deal with weakness within the one charged with being strong enough to meet THEIR needs.)

March 28, 2010 Carrie Ro, my glorious editor, sent

SANTA IS A LADY to Lea Schizas. I had no idea who Lea was, and well, she wasn't open yet. We'd met Carrie via a publisher both Kat and I knew we could not submit my things to, and we also had to get Kat away from. Trusting Carrie, who was Kat's editor at the other place wasn't a

leap-of-faith...she'd earned our respect.

Five hours after Carrie sent Lea my manuscript I had a contract.

Entering a new place on virutally the ground floor, was a miracle because

Lea and Litsa are so very different from that other publisher and the editor and agent I'd had a decade earlier.

Muse quickly became so much more than a simple publishing house.

Every person who has crossed through the doors of Muse has filled the pieces of the

hearts Kat and I have spent so much of our lives protecting.

I have done many blog postings praising many of my brothers and sisters here at Muse, but I had a

mini-stroke right before joining Muse and I had another one

five weeks ago. When you add the sporadic memory challenges from them to the visual and physical limitations caused by the car accident I had back on 9/22/01 sometimes I wonder how I manage to create intelligent sentences let alone as many stories as I have and why so many of you tolerate my missteps.

More to the point, I cannot hold the names of all of you inside my head when I am writing my postings, so some of you do not get the

accolades you so richly deserve from both Kat and to all of you, please

and know we love you and wish only the best?

To that end, I am going to try to name you all here, but know ahead of time, I may forget a name or two...or more...I swear it is unintentional, and we

DO love you and the important place you hold within our Muse Family.

Sara...your courage alone is a beautiful thing to be the focus of. Thank you Dear Lady for being someone willing to reach out, and tell your daughter, she's very lucky to have you for her Mom. We moms would walk through the fires of Hell for our children, wouldn't we?

Delilah...You gave those of us in the beginning the promise of what Muse would become back before our doors ever opened. Your covers are magical, but you are more than the artist.

I could not believe Kat and I were the only ones to send you a signed copy of a print book. I think we're also the only ones to send Lea a signed copy.

You and Tiger give so unstintingly of your artistic souls it just seemed natural to us to give everyone involved with bringing Kat's book to print a signed copy.

You know how deeply Kat and I love you and Tiger. The two of you have had to live through many of the same types of hell's fires we have, and yet you have emerged from it with so much artistic beauty still alive within you.

We never received a Tiger

cover, but loved everything he did for those authors lucky enough that did. His vision will be missed, although his health always must be first...that plus, I bow to him in gratitude for his service and sacrifice to this Country during its actions in the first Gulf War.

Be well Tiger and know Kat and I treasure you and Dee.

The same with you Tir...You give me back my was' but you also give both Kat and I unconditional love and friendship.

I received my divorce right before Christmas and I will never forget how that became my best ever gift. 

My Queen of all things

Dragon...Kat and I are both so glad you got your final exit from the place you and she both had to fight free from and can now concentrate on revamping what was always yours. Anything Kat and I can do to help...we're here for you.

Barbara E. I gave you your goddess because you bring magic and joy to those of us lucky enough to call you sister and friend.

You share with us the trials your life must wade through and stand firmly with us through ours. Your staunch loyalty has been like a rock we just don't know how to praise adequately, or thank you for with the true enormity of how much you mean to us. But you do!

Barbara B. Whenever I see your name commenting on any of my far too frequent blogs, it makes my

heart smile. Your kind words, your support through our health challenges...Thank you.

Wendy L. You know how much we love you. You brought so much enthusiasm and eagerness to help your fellow Musers. You are a joy to share this family world with.

Kay Dee...God, Darling, I hope you know how deeply we care about you? You are a are both a sister and a deliciously cherished friend. Love you, Sweetie.

Chrystalla...I am so looking forward to the next story you share with us. You and so many others make Kat I feel like we have spent time exploring the world because you bring it to us.

Rosalie...from Down Under...

I am honored to be a guest contributor on your blog. You offered that to me right from the start. I will never abuse it, but to entrust someone with your own blogspot is huge and such a giving thing to do. Thank you.


Oh My God Heather...finding the words for you. We met in the beginning, and your smile, your charm, and your energy reaches through the cyberworld to enchant us both. We love you, Darling.

Grace...being Heather's

cousin made you an automatic sister, although we didn't know it, before you stepped into the Muse household, and the pics of you at the Muse Retreat together adds to the good feelings we both have for you. We've only just begun.'ve given us a sister and New Zealand. Kat and I have been in love with New Zealand since purchasing the extended versions of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Watching the "stars" of that trilogy and the staff that worked on it praising New Zealand made us both long to be a part of its magic. Through you we now are.

Christine L.

I don't even know how to express what you mean to us.

You were the first to entrust me with your book with another publisher to do a cover blog for.

I was so awed and humbled by that.

You had no reason to think I was capable of doing well by you, yet you trusted me anyway.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You also gave us Scotland the one place Kat and I have ALWAYS wanted to visit. Thank you so much for your pictorial accounts of your travels.

Penny E. You are another one I just don't know if I have the words to express all that you mean. You gave me my very first offer to guest on an author's blog. I have been in awe of authors all my life...even though I grew up with the likes of James Michener and Pearl S. Buck visiting our home on a regular basis. Authors are truly the

unsung superstars...and I never thought I would one day become one of you. When you asked me...ASKED guest on your blog, it was the second most spectacular thing to have happened to me in 2010. The first was Lea contracting SANTA IS A LADY. But you didn't stop extended your heart, your friendship, and your unwavering belief in both Kat and I. How to say THANK YOU, to you? But we do thank you...and love you.

Arlene W. Wow you have no idea how rich Kat and I feel we are.

Your ongoing support and attendance when we do our blogs and the BTR show mean the world to us...especially given how frequently our health issues force us to make last minute changes when we so don't want to.

Jerry R...

Kat and I dealt with some really difficult patches this year, but you jumped in like a hero and stood firmly at our side. Brothers that stand with us have been so rare as to be non-existant even though between us, Kat and I had four biological brothers. It is you, Kevin, Brad, Glenn, Jim, Mike, Frank, and Brian who have shown us the acceptance and yes, love that can exist between brothers and sisters. Thank you.

Mike and Cynthia...

Oh God another two entrusted me to do a cover blog for your JOINT collaboration with another publisher,

My Life As A Dog, even before I had done one for you, Mike. Through interaction as I created that, you both became family. Cynthia, we adore you. Mike, I am again at a lost for adequate words.

Greta...If you did nothing more than make Kat smile, which you do all the time, I would love you. A rocky beginning did not torpedo us and I am soooo glad it didn't. We both love you and are delighted you are a part of the Muse family.


the road travelled by you, Kat and me to get here is the same one. It was strewn with so much disenchantment, yet here we are, happier, and at a place that values what we do and who we are. You are a sister in every sense of the word, and a friend we both are delighted is here with us now.

Pat Mc...

Like Ellee and several others, you weathered the hurricane and have become a cherished member of this glorious Muse family that is so magical and such a great joy after the path we walked to get here.


If I keep this up I am going to start becoming so repetitve you all are going to get bored...But the torrent of yesteryear makes being here and having you as a Muse sister all the richer. We bonded before Muse, but Muse makes all our bonds so much stronger.


we almost lost you

and I haven't the words to tell you how deeply that bothered us...and we didn't even know you yet...thank God you stayed and in staying, have become a cherished friend to both of us.

Susanne D.

Everyone who enters Muse is special. Lea and Litsa would not have it any other way, but some stand out a little bit more, and those are the ones that are making Muse the success and loving place it is. Thank you so much for being one of them


like us you found

sisters here at Muse and family support. In this intensely busy, problem laden world, finding Muse and the caring people here is nothing short of a miracle. I believe nothing happens by our wiser Higher Selves lead us to where we need to be...I am glad our HS's led us to Muse and at the same time.


two names are needed to hold the richness of your heart's bounty. We love You Darling Girl. You've been here from the start and it only gets better.


You have brought the male counterpart to us of Ginger. She keeps us laughing, and you dear man, do the same. You are so charming, and so endearing. Laughter is such a treasured gift and you give it with equanimity and charisma. Kat and I both adore you from the depths of our resonating spirits.

Sir Brian

of the Muse Table...Chivalry is alive and well here at Muse, thanks to you. We love you, Dear Brother.


and Chris

...when I was a girl, I remember watching movies that spoke of unsung heroes...I never knew what that meant...but I do now. You both mean so much to Kat and I. To enumerate all the ways here, would make Blogger blow a gasket or a zillion. Both of you are multiple goddesses...definitely as editors, but as friends as well. We adore you both.

Jenna Storm

...your insights when you leave comments or post onto the loops always make us feel such happiness. Thanks


Your name is as unique as you are kind. Muse allows us all to become close to the most incredible people and call them family.


like so many of our Muse sisters words cannot express the place you hold within the family that is Muse.


you too have been with us since the beginning. Muse has grown in richness since then, and so has our relationship as sisters within the Muse family.

My Photo
I am a

Sagittarius, the archer, so when you entered Muse your name drew me out of that connection, but the sisterhood that has developed since rides more powerfully than any ride atop a centuar ever could.


You brought the school of wizards across the pond into the ice floed landscape of America's northern most clime...proving magic is what the world wants...and what all of us here in the Muse family are a part of.

I know I am still forgetting many of you and I will be kicking myself later when I realize how many of you I cannot immediately call forth, but please know this...

Muse IS Family,



Caring, and

Support. And this is the best time in my life and Kat's. You have all joined in to make Muse the extraordinary home it is.

This is Christmas Day, and in one week we begin the year

I KNOW in my heart Muse is going to continue growing and deepening because we are not JUST a many JUST publishers have gone under in the almost two years I've been here at Muse?

A lot...but they were JUST publishers...


and we are constantly from the top on down...


We love you all and look forward to another year of sharing the ups and downs with our Muse family.

Merry Christmas All and a Very Happy New Year.

Love You All,
Kat and Lin


Madeleine McLaughlin said...

Hi Lin, great tribute to our family. I still kiss the ground every day to feel so lucky to be a muser. Everyone is so special and this is a great tribute to them. And we are lucky to have Lin and Kat Holmes, two gracious and talented ladies.

gail roughton branan said...

A true Roll Call of Love, Friendship, Support, Honor, Sisterhood, Brotherhood!! We are Muse. Hear us roar!

Heather Haven said...

Lin, I am honored and touched to be your friend and to be traveling Muse's Author Highway with you and Kat. Of course, there are many more of us now, but in the beginning - which was not so long ago - it was such a small group of us! Mostly, I remember you, Kat, Rosanne, Terri, and Ginger, but I'm sure I'm forgetting a few wonderful others and will kick myself when reminded! Our Muse family has grown and we are glad of it! Stay well my friend. Nothing can get you down. I've seen it and know it can be true. Merry Christmas and many, many more to you and yours. I'll bet the New Year hold wonderful things!

lionmother said...

Lin, you are constantly showing me the depths of your heart and it is so vast!!! When I wrote to you I didn't expect another beautiful tribute! Being a goddess is good enough, but knowing that I am on the list of those you hold dear is a wonderful Christmas present even though I'm Jewish.:) So happy you were able to remember so many people and hope you and Kat have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy and peaceful New Year!

Tanja said...

God Bless us, every one - this is a masterpiece, Lin.

S.Durham said...

Dear Lin,

Thank you for all you do in praise of all that is Muse. You and Kat have been there from the very beginning, always at the heart of this growing, evolving, and wonderful group of human beings!

Hugs, Sara

Emily Pikkasso said...

Thanks for your kind sweet words Miss Lin. Love you and Kat. I am a Sagittarius too! I think there are a few of us here at Muse. Regardless, we all FAMILY, how cool is that.

Love you both, wishing you a happy healthy prosperous new year and beyond.


K.S. Manning said...

So beautiful, dear sister. The circumstances that brought us together may not have been the best but I wouldn't trade it for the world if it meant I never got to meet you and enjoy the company of you and your daughter. You both mean so much to me and I will never forget the support and love you've shown me and so many others. *hugs*

Wendy said...

There's no greater gift than Love and you are constantly spreading love amongst us. Thank you Lin and Kat. It's lovely to be loved :) I love you back. Through the encouragement and promotion you do for our Muse family members, it's not only the reading public who get to know our brothers and sisters better, we all get to see another side of each other.
Hugs to you both and to all the Muse family.

Christine London said...

Thanks for keeping us all in your thoughts and blogs. We so appreciate your care and upholding thoughts. Thanks Lin. You are one in a million!
Happy and prosperous 2012 to you and Kat.

Christine London

J Q Rose said...

Hey Sis...You are the glue that bonds us all together. Your touching words of sisterhood, friendship, mutual respect, and family enrich this marvelous publishing experience through Muse. Love ya', Girl!

Sue Perkins said...

Dear Lin, I may not talk to you very much on the lists but you and Kat are constantly in my thoughts. This is a very beautiful tribute to Muse and it's authors (brothers and sisters). Thank you so much for being there for Muse and everyone attached to Muse.

Cynthia Arsuaga said...

AHHH Lin nice of you to say those kind words about Mike and I. I feel like I'm part of the family by proxy. Thank you and hope you are feeling well and had a wonderful holiday and that the new year will bring better health.

Lin said...

Every single one of you has touched my heart and my daughter's deeply. We co9uld never have imagined being so blessed. Thank you all for making these last almost two years now, the best of our lives.