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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Sunday, January 8, 2012

A LIEBSTER AWARD...steeped first in Southern Charm

I was just awarded a

LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD by the queen of Southern Charm Gail Roughton Branan. This is an award given to "Favorites" not yet noticed by many here in cyberspace. (Less than 200 followers...boy oh boy am I UNnoticed!)

It is always an honor to be named in any one's award giving lineup, but I am especially honored to be included in the stellar list Gail bestowed this award upon. For that list, check out Gail's fantastic blog. Flowers on the Fence:

Here's what I have to do according to Gail's directions.

1. Post this award on your blog.
Just in case, I think I'll re-copy it
(I'm not greedy...right? ;>)

2. Thank and link to the person who gave it to you.
I think I did that, but again, just to make sure...Thank you Gail. And everyone, Gail's blog is more than a touch of Down Home love.
It's warmer than fresh apple pie with a spreading scoop of vanilla ice cream.

3. Pass it on to five bloggers who have less than 200 followers.

Five people? Am I allowed to use some of the people Gail used? Hmmm how many

Liebster Awards is one blog allowed to have?

Let's begin...

Penny Ehrenkrantz...I'm not sure how many followers you have. Let me go check and I'll BRB. OOPS, Can't give Penny this award. She has over 1700 followers. Still if I could, I would because Penny gave me my very first opportunity to appear on anyone else's blog right after I signed on to the Muse It Up family, and long before she knew if my writing was worthy of visiting her. I know I cannot give her this award for her ONE WRITER'S JOURNEY
but if I could, I would.

Onward in my quest for FIVE wonderful but barely discovered bloggers worthy of this award.
How about Rosalie Skinner from Down Under? Success...sort of. Lady Rosalie has 23 members on her Ramblings From Lady Rosalie Blogspot.

Rosalie is the very talented author of the Chronicles of Caleath series. She is generous beyond belief, and invited me to be a contributor to her blog from the very beginning. Because of that, she allowed the travel trailer from my Forever With You release to come over and be interviewed. As a result, Beauregard W. Trailer has had nothing but glowing things to say about Lady Rosalie ever since.

So Lady Rosalie, you are an award winner.

(B) Delilah K. Stephans, Best Selling author, award winning cover artist has a blog that entertains, informs, and shares.With 40 followers she qualifies, although I don't understand why this multi-talented woman hasn't made blogger go TILT.

Delilah, it is my honor to award you with A Liebster award. You deserve it and so much more. For all of you reading this, have a peek and enjoy, Delilah's ALWAYS TIME FOR ROMANCE blog.

(C) I love Jim Hartley, and his blog is always entertaining, just like his writing. Jim, it is with great honor I bestow this Liebster Award on you...and I want to thank you for the amazing visual cornucopia of delights you give us on your blog.

(D) Viviane Brentanos...WOW...this talented author brings the exquisite majesty of Greece right into our lives via her blog. She also sends us links to music meant to enchant, soothe, excite, and move us at her ROMANCE RAMBLINGS BLOGSPOT.

Congratulations Viviane, and thank you for giving us your Greece.

(E) Kevin Hopson...incredible man, intense author, and beautiful friend. His blog FROM THE DEPTHS OF DARKNESS is always a visual and cerebral delight.

I am pleased beyond words to bestow this award on you Kevin, and thank you for all you share with us.

4. Comment on those five people's blogs to share the good news. 

I think I've done...haven't I ?

To all of you, thank you for your talent. Thank you for the wealth of wisdom and entertainment you give us via your blogs, and to everyone else...hurry on over and see why these five people deserve your interest.


Penny Ehrenkranz said...

Lin, thanks for thinking of me. You picked some fine people to honor with this award. I'm sure in the coming months, each of them will see their blog followers soar. Congrats on receiving this award yourself. You are, as always, deserving of recognition for all you do.

Viviane Brentanos said...

Wow, Lin, I am so honored you chose me.My new year's resolution - to live up to your faith in me.


Madeleine McLaughlin said...

Lin, you've proven again that you're one of the most giving and generous people ever. I hope this award helps those lucky enough to deserve it.

gail roughton branan said...

Darlin'! You make me blush. Can't say a thing to you without yu braggin' all over me!

Susanne Drazic said...

CONGRATS on your award and congrats to those who you have forwarded it on to.

M. L. Archer said...

I've read all of these blogs and I completely agree with these honors!