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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ladybug Lin Reviews: DON'T MAKE MARTY MAD

There are stories that are so good, it feels like you've been in a

train wreck after reading them.

A part of you wants to cringe, walk away and forget you've read what you just read.

Don't Make Marty Mad by Calico Skelly.

I think I knew from the opening paragraph this book was going to

turn my stomach, and it didn't let me down. If I evaluated authors based solely on topics that allow me to remain in my

comfort zone, I would not be fair to my fellow authors, nor other readers drawn to books not of my liking.

But my liking this book or not liking this book, has nothing to do with the 

of the writer's skills in weaving the story.

Muse It Up Publishing's Calico Skelly did an exceptional job putting me inside the head of Marty so I became him, and I will admit, hated every moment of being there.

Therefore I must give this soul-wrenching walk through hell 

five bloody stars.

Well done Calico.

For more information on this intensely powerful story, click HERE for its direct Muse It Up Publishing BUY PAGE.


Unknown said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. There's this author who I can't help but read even though it's bloody and gory. I keep being drawn back to find out what happens in the next book.

Calico Skelly said...

Lin. Thanks for reading my little bedtime story. You want to know the worst thing about it? It's absolutely TRUE--based on 2 actual news accounts then woven into one demented dude. Terrifying, huh?

Lin said...

Believe me, Calico, I know how realistic it is...and scary. Because I KNOW, I HAD to give you five stars for nailing the progression of Marty's insanity.