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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ladybug Lin Reviews: DUH, FRIED AND ZOMBIFIED by Ryan Miller

I have found

to describe this novella...


This story is a

galaxy of gross happenings that will bring back to the forefront of your mind any and all memories of extreme

grossness you've locked away from your childhood onwards. Why? So you can release a litany of belly-ewwws all over again. (Trust me, once they start resurfacing there's no stopping them.)

Mine began with a memory from my early childhood. I was six, maybe seven, visiting for a week with my Aunt Betty and Uncle Lee so I could get into mischief with my cousin Bonnie May and  hopefully my parents would never learn about. (Best laid plans...unfortunately they rarely work.)

Baby Jimmy, about a year plus change, hated wearing diapers...even though they were the old cloth ones...(Pampers had YET to be invented.) The minute he'd wiggle-waddled out of Aunt Betty's line if sight, off the diaper would come.

On this particular day Jimmy hit the kitchen linoleum like a championship dumper, relieving himself with great skill. Of course we all "ewwed", but Jimmy was not done grossing us out. He turned around, saw the yellow mess, happily gurgled the word "mustard" and to our horror-filled eyes...DOVE IN, tongue first.

This book, DUH, FRIED AND ZOMBIFIED by Muse It Up Author Ryan Miller, released by Muse It Up Publishing, Inc. is an intriguing journey from page one on.

The story will make you "ewww" and giggle, scrunch up your nose, like you've smelled something foul, but onward and onward will you read...BECAUSE....stopping is just beyond our human capabilities.

DUH, FRIEND AND ZOMBIFIED is a massive TRAIN-WRECK upon your senses: one you'll hate to enjoy, but enjoy it you will, nonetheless.

You will also reel from it long after you've finished reading it...ewwing over and over and over and over.

For disgusting fun I award Ryan Miller's DUH, FRIED, AND ZOMBIFIED

FIVE gut churning stars.

Well Done Ryan.

To check out this book click HERE to go directly to the Muse It Up Bookstore Page.

To learn more about Ryan Miller click on his AUTHOR'S PAGE.


Cyrus Keith said...

oooookay, then. :-) This sounds like something any self-respecting Zombie fan would love. The title suggests a comedy. Is that the case?

Lin said...

You WILL laugh in between scrunching up your nose and saying "ewww".

Conda Douglas said...

My favorite kind of horror novel, icky and funny! I love a good "eww" diet.

Cheryl said...

Ewww! Nice review!