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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ladybug Lin reviews; GABBY'S SECOND CHANCE, by Debi Wilder

I believe this is the

second in the year long Muse It Up Author's celebration of the magical LACEY'S LAMP BAR series...
GABBY'S SECOND CHANCE by Debi Wilder, cover, like all the Lacey's Lamp Bar series cover, by Muse's Princess

Cover Art Goddess, Suzannah Safi.


The word looks simple; five little letters strung together to form that simple word...but behind the simplicity of the lettering combination the meaning of this word is far from simple.

Gabby Adams tossed the word into her private abyss along with the child, now absent from her empty womb because giving the depth of emotions attached to THAT word to the wrong man

shatters the world and all the emotions attached to it...leaving nothing more than a barely breathing shell of a person behind.

Feeling as grey inside as the turbulent clouds above her and the endless churning of the

relentless sea before her, Gabby enters the new bar,

Lacey's Lamp she could not remember passing, there upon that dismal wharf.

Lacey, a genie, the bar, her bottle, offers Gabby one wish.

What does Gabby wish for?

Her life back.

GABBY'S SECOND CHANCE continues the magical presence of Lacey, her "here-today, gone-tomorrow"

bar and the wish she puts into immediate action.

Debi Wilder's story is deeply touching,

heart enriching, and more joyous than the bubbles teasing your nose from a glass of champagne.

So I give Debbi Wilder and GABBY'S SECOND CHANCE

 Five Satisfying Stars. Well done.

AND I am eagerly anticipating the next book in the Lacey's Lamp Bar Series from trend setting

Muse It Up Publishing, Inc..

1 comment:

Wendy said...

Lovely, Lin,
You gave me goose bumps. Lacey's Lamp Bar sounds like a fascinating place. I'm interested to know just how Gabby gets her life back and how she uses her Second Chance. You've written a unique story Debbi, one I must read.