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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ladybug Lin Reviews Ginger Simpson's JOY'S REVELATION

Ginger Simpson is an author who constantly throws us deliciously unique

curveballs. Each of her stories take you on a ride down one seemingly clear path only to have that path do a complete 180, and this one is no different!

What is the deal with Joy's birth certificate?

She's getting married and her fiancé wants to take her overseas for their honeymoon...but one needs

a get a passport one needs their birth certificate.

Expecting smooth sailing when she mentions her need for said birth certificate to her mother, Joy is confused by her mother's ongoing efforts to "change the subject."

While in the attic with her mom, in search of a family veil, a trip down memory lane begins. Photos recreate her Mother's time...but what else is waiting for Joy?


What Joy learns makes her doubt everything she's believed about herself and her parents, and explains the scar stretching across her lower torso. It also makes her feel unworthy of the love and future she and her fiancé have been systematically planning.

So I am going to begin by awarding this BRILLIANT Award Star!

I am a fan of

Ginger Simpson's storytelling voice. I love the twists and angles she effortlessly weaves into her stories.

Joy's Revelation adds to a growing treasure chest of

Muse It Up Tales from this gifted author.

Without a moment's hesitation I award this book...or perhaps it would be accurate to say...this AUTHOR

FIVE resonating Stars.

Well Done Ginger...and just so you all know the other treasures in Ginger's Gem Box at Muse It Up Publishing, Inc., here's a list of what she has out as of this moment along with direct links to their Muse It Up Buy Page so you can read more about Ginger and her works...

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Ginger Simpson said...

I am awed. Thank you, Lin, for your glowing words of praise. You do an ego good. I really liked writing this story...a little mystery with romance. :)

Lorrie said...

And you awe me, Ginger. So much talent, so many good reads you have published.

You are a many genre writer, er/cross genre? lol.

Keep them coming. I'm a big fan of all your books.

Kay Dee Royal said...

Oh my...two awesome authors and Muse sisters in one place *hugs*

Ginger went and did it again, didn't she. Love her work also, your's as well. *smile*

Congratulations, Ginger. Thanks for sharing your review, Lin.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Ginger, congratulations! And Lin, this is such a great review, because you pique the reader's interest without giving the plot away.

Lin said...

Thank you Lisabet. I am a firm believer giving praise while giving the story away is not what a review should do. What good does it do authors for me to read their books, love what they've written enough to take my time to write these reviews if I am going to hurt the author by giving away the story?

I just can't see that helps anyone, and reviewing is about praising the author's ability to hold my attention and make me glad I've read their works.