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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ladybug Lin reviews: CHOICES by Emily Pikkasso


is both the title of this installment in the year long author cavalcade at Muse It Up Publishing, Inc. celebrating the LACEY'S LAMP BAR magical theme, and the core reason Sandy's heart makes her need to wish.

Yesterday, as the song says, is dead and gone. Remorse weighs heavily upon all of us as we reflect back to a moment, a heartbeat of time,

when one fork in the road taken is the one we live to regret.

In this frame of mind, imagine you stumble into Lacey's Lamp Bar, manned, excuse the pun, by the delightful Lacey, a genie, with the bar her magical bottle. Now add to this scenario her offer to give you one wish, your deepest desire...what would YOU do?

Suddenly that fork NOT taken is all you can think want..can it be travel back in time and live the life you had right up until reaching

that fork?

Without a second click of the hands upon the clock above the bar ticking by you are there...and can stay there reliving the joy as long as you do not leave the bar while events play out.

But the fork awaits and there comes a time when we all have to surface from the magic and make a choice.

THAT is the final step in Sandy's wish.

CHOICES by Emily Pikkasso, cover by Muse It Up Publishing's Princess Cover Art Goddess,

Suzannah Safi delivers...

...another Lacey's Lamp Bar series winner.

I LOVE this series. Each author brings a new flavor to the magic

Lacey Flowers and her Lamp Bar bring us.

Five Stars Emily.


Muse It Up Publishing...

thank you for bringing me a taste of magic every month during this 2012 year long celebration. Long may Muse It Up Publishing wave its

magical wand of reading possibilities upon us.

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Wendy said...

Great work Lin. I love the concept of taking the wrong fork in the road, Nancy. I wonder if wishing to retrace her footsteps and make the opposite choice will be a wise decision. I'm sure you have some twist in this story, Nancy