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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Monday, August 6, 2012


Lady Bug Lin is back again with another review to warm the shivery cockles of your heart.

This time I have chosen

The Lycan Moon,

by gifted Muse It Up Publishing Author, S. Durham, here at the 2011 Montreal Muse It Up Retreat

with her delightful daughter meeting and greeting her adoring public.

I must admit to being a bit slow on the uptake, but alas I have relocated my Kindle, charged it, tucked my toes under my butt and let the story of

THE LYCAN MOON play out before my avaricious eyes.

Reading this story made me think about all the times I have said..."oh if only we could go back to the good old days." Well the good old days in this story weren't all that good after all.

Imagine living in a time when witchcraft had the power to curse you into immortality?

Immortality really IS a long time, and in that long time you learn to accept what cannot be changed and adjust to the minor things that can.

The word '"CONTENTMENT" pops into my mind. If you are a long suffering immortal with a curse entwined within your DNA, finding contentment I think is much more valuable than all the gold in the universe...but then I am a great fan of contentment.

Years spread out and you accept each one with a stoicism until...

And that is the basis of S. Durham's gripping tale.

Now I could sit here and give away what the "UNTIL" brings, but I don't want to be one of those reviewers that SPOILS the story.

Let's just look at it this way...the title is THE LYCAN MOON, so we must assume, and rightly so, this is going to be a story about werewolves, or to use its more scientific distinction lycanthropy.

If you look carefully at the cover you're going to notice there's a witch's hat...Even before I read the back cover or turn to the beginning of S. Durham's tale, I am now contemplating this story is going to involve werewolves AND witches.

The question is, can S. Durham bring anything NEW to this paranormal table?

With that question in my mind, I tapped the side arrows on my Kindle advancing page by page through this suspense filled para-normal adventure...and not once was I disappointed.

Therefore I take great pleasure in awarding

S. Durham and her


FIVE Palpitating Stars and urge her to keep them coming.

THE LYCAN MOON is available both in e and print copies at Muse It Up Publishing and where other fine books are available.


Nancy M Bell said...

Great review Lin. Congrats Sara


S. Durham Author said...

Oh Lin! I am so humbled by your review!!! Thank you for taking your time to read TLM, because I know how precious your time is. Missed your blogs lately, hope all is well.


Wendy said...

A tantalizing review Lin and a lovely showcase of both book and author.

Lin said...

I do not know why Anonymous is not showing up, but she did leave a it is:

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