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Thursday, August 2, 2012


I read

THE LAST DAY by brilliant author

Glenn Kleier many years ago.

There aren't many books written today I go back to when my soul needs re-energizing but THE LAST DAY is one that never lets me down.

Of late my soul has been going through a difficult time, challenging my faith in the goodness existing out here in the real world

Like a sheep who lost her way I was guided by a force I do not question back to the words Glenn Kleier wrote almost fifteen years ago.

When I first stumbled upon THE LAST DAY I was battling the ravages of both chemo and radiation. Cancer is a vicious foe and can reduce the strongest among us to tears, despair, and defeat...and of course this was my SECOND battle with that foe, so I knew from the first war how difficult the siege was going to be.

Then right before my eyes I walked into my library and saw THE LAST DAY. Call it serendipity, call it gold, I reached for it, took it home and found a core of strength I never expected to find in a book of fiction.

Glenn Kleier guided me through the trials of cancer treatment. He also gave me a core of sanity that stayed with me long afterwards.

Recently that core was again challenged...and being a creature who gives credit where credit has been earned, I knew I needed to read again Jeza's journey through the soul-lifting story Glenn Kleier gave us over ten years ago...

Does it stand the test of time? Even though the core of the story surrounds the advent of 2000, the Millennium, it most definitely speaks to the soul I bring to it today with as much power as it did all those years ago.

So although I do not often revisit books I have reviewed, I feel compelled to revisit Glenn Kleier and give my review of this timeless book.

Glenn, thank you for your brilliance. Thank you for weaving a story that lifted me from the dark place life sometimes takes us and for  showing me the power of light, your excellent storytelling and wisdom for the ages.

It is my honor to award THE LAST DAY


I cannot recommend this book highly enough to those who have never read it, and encourage those who have to READ IT AGAIN!


Wendy said...

A powerful recommendation for an obviously powerful book. Glad to know it helped you through a difficult time once again Lin.

Cyrus Keith said...

Some books are just timeless like that.

Lin said...

Thank you both for commenting on my review of this incredible book...and Cyrus, Becoming Nadia is equally moving. I am sure it will soon get a LadyBug Lin review too.

Cheryl said...

I'm glad you found a book to help you through dark times. I hope things are looking up for you now.

Glenn Kleier said...

Nothing could mean more to me than to know The Last Day has somehow brought a measure of relief to such a wonderful lady. Lin is a very special person whom I've come to know because of writing that book. Her friendship is the best review I could ask for.
Much love to you, Lin.

Lin said...

Thank you Dear Man. Having you as my friend has been a gift I cherish every day.

Love You 2,