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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Friday, September 14, 2012

Ladybug Lin Reviews DOWN HOME by Gail Roughton

I am not a fan of

roller coasters...I like having my stomach remain right where God and Nature intended it...but I do love

The Scrambler...don't ask me displaces your stomach with as much intensity as the Roller Coaster...and if one thinks about it, when it catapults you to the edges only to jerk you back, should the mooring come loose, you are heading out there into uncharted and nerve terrorizing panic....Still it's not UP there.

So what has any of this to do with Gail Roughton's latest suspense-filled release

DOWN HOME from Muse It Up Publishing, Inc.?

Wellllll...this story is so jam packed with rapid fire diversion, danger, and wicked misdirection, I felt as I sat with my nose glued to my Kindle, I was on the Scrambler, or a

Tilt-A-Whirl at the carnivals I used to take my children to when they were little and my nerve endings could stand such stimulation.

My feet...or should I say butt, remained propped atop my memory foam mattress pad and my back was supported by three memory foam pillows behind me, but as I read Ms. Roughton's tale my innards felt like they'd hopped aboard the Scrambler heading this way and that.

I pride myself in having an agile enough mind to figure out the plots and undercurrents laid out by 90% of most authors...but

Gail Roughton?

This woman's creative mind is DIABOLICAL...and that means you are always in for a delicious ride that leaves you spellbound, emotionally spent, and haunted long after you read the final words of her tales.

Down Home...I am NOT going to give the story away...but I am going to say...I LOVED this book...and you will too...

So I have no problem whatsoever giving it FIVE


DOWN HOME is available for purchase at MuseItUp Publishing and in their Kindle Store

Now hurry do not want to miss this book. And while at, check out Ms. Roughton's OTHER books:
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Gail Roughton said...

My hero(ine)! Lin Holmes, that is. Thank you, darlin'!

Lin said...

You are VERY welcome. Thank you for your gifted writing voice. I eagerly await the next Gail Roughton tale.

Lorrie said...

Wow, fantastic review. Congrats.

Marian L said...

Great cover, Gail

Gail Roughton said...

Thank y'all! I'm particularly fond of that hero too. As one of my fellow southern writers says, "And that's how we grow 'em down home in the south!"

Roseanne Dowell said...

Great review, Lin. And I couldn't agree more. Down home is like a tilt a whirl. I, too, didn't figure it out.

Lin said...

Thanks for checking my review out, Ro. Gail Roughton's mind is a joy trying to unravel...not that I've been able to do so...maybe with her next book?

Wendy said...

Another terrific review Lin. You come up with some wonderful analogies. I look forward to reading Down Home but at the moment I'm wrapped up in Gail's Miami Days & Truscan (K)nights and loving it.

Lin said...

Of course you are Wendy...Gail is so gifted her books grab you, hold, you, and stay with you.