Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat

Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ladybug Lin reviews HEART OF THE QUEEN by Kat Holmes

Book Two in Kat Holmes' powerful new Gods At Work Series.

Kat takes

Greek Mythology and brings it into the modern world with a BANG!

The world of humans is suffering from the

financial crunch, but the gods up there on Olympus are not happy it's affecting their bottom line too...none more than

Zeus, the randiest of them all, who just happens to be THEIR king.

What's a king used to having every need met by the tributes the mortals have been willingly leaving at the temples dedicated to his offspring and sibs to do?

Not wanting to give up his comfortable lifestyle, but unwilling to lower his own lofty standards and toil for his keep, he orders his godlings to come down among the plebeian mortals and, gulp, earn his royal bottom line.

HEART OF THE QUEEN book two in this ingenious series brings us Hera's truth...not the truth passed down through the wavering mists of what passes sometimes for truth, but the truth as it really was.

Hera, Queen of the gods, happens to be the goddess of CHILDBIRTH...anyone wonder how the goddess of Childbirth could be so wicked she'd spend her version of Forever trying to kill off Hercules, her stepson born into the godly quagmire SIMPLY because he's the result of one of Zeus' MANY randier moments?

Kat Holmes brings us a far more realistic Hera...Finally divorced from her cheating ex, she's determined to live quietly, peacefully, dedicating her time and energies to being the gifted midwife she truly is.

If you ever wondered if Hera was truly the evil bitch myth and legend professed her to be, especially since it so contradicts her goddess powers, Kat Holmes, bringing her here among us lowly mortals, allows her to show her true colors...and what

brilliant colors they are.

I for one LOVE the Hera Kat shows us and cannot do less than give this powerfully revealing book


This IS Book TWO in Kat's Gods At Work Series.

Book One:

WORKING UNDER COVERS, Aphrodite's Story is also available where fine e-books are sold.

Book Three...

IN DEATH'S ARMS...brings Hades to OUR on Earth amongst US! So Keep your eye out for it too. I know I am.

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