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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ladybug Lin Reviews ANOTHER WAY TO DIE by Amy McCorkle


World is all too often filled with

people...and have you ever noticed the word VILE and the word

EVIL have the very same letters in them?

Amy McCorkle has given us a short story that will make your

skin crawl, your

nerve endings flare in disgust and your

blood pressure ratchet up at least fifty dangerous points...that is how well written,

ANOTHER WAY TO DIE, this dark suspense story is.

I have known many a

dark demon in my life time...some come to you with no artifice, celebrating their cruelty, while others mask their

tarantula-like stingers until you are so close it is too late to run from the rapid spread of their poisonous attacks.

This is such a story.

Almira Sands is born to a father bent on making her his special

sex toy, but not exclusively...Daddy is not above exploiting her, drugging her, letting others hurt her to get his nefarious way: His daughter lost beneath the

vicious bonds of his ownership.

I felt incredible

for her father, while turning page after page on my

Kindle, cheering her on as she wades through her father's battalion of sick minions...but can one young survivor win against an army of cruel abusers?

Depravity exists in the real world we all step out into when we leave the safety of our private havens...not all of us have to confront it in our day-to-day existence...and some of us, for reasons unknown, draw it to us like we're

beacons evil needs to crush...

Amy gives us the extreme depths of how vicious a person swinging solely on the side of evil is, and the equally extreme highs of someone taught by evil how to 

rise above it fights back....but will it be enough?

I give Amy and Almira

FIVE STARS for the gripping story,

ANOTHER WAY TO DIE, that will haunt me well into the years to come.

Well Done Amy! 

For more information about this gripping book and about Amy McCorkle, click on this link below...



festival8 said...

Thanks Lin! I'm honored that you were so spellbound by this tale. Thanks for the wonderful review!

festival8 said...

Thanks Lin! I'm honored that you were so spellbound by this tale. Thanks for the wonderful review!

Lin said...

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