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Friday, October 5, 2012

Ladybug Lin Reviews DARK HEIRLOOM by J.D. Brown

J.D. Brown delivers



confusion and

resolution in a voice so powerful you are literally out of breath by the time you reach...

...only it ISN'T the end!

It's a brilliantly crafted teaser, or perhaps it is better to call 

DARK HEIRLOOM an appetiser for the suspense, drama, confusion, and hopefully,

conclusion promised by the upcoming sequel to this story.

Will Ema

succeed, or fall prey to the two diabolically powerful enemies seeking to end her strange new life before the prophesy can be fulfilled?

All I can say is...


My butt is sore from shifting and squirming while this tale played out before my avaricious eyes...I mean...

...I should have long been asleep since I had an appointment today, but who can sleep when your body is so caught up in the drama unfolding before your eyes your mind won't shut down until you know the ending...but this is NOT ending now I have to sit on the edge of my badly wrinkled bed and wait till the

And so I give J.D. Brown


And now to

whet your appetitie...
A scream tore from my throat. The rapid slap of my sneakers against asphalt echoed through the alley. Wind ripped my hair and coat back as if trying to halt my escape.  A chain link fence rose in the distance as I neared the end of the alley. Shit. I could have sworn this one opened to Clark Street.
I froze. My heart pounded in my ears. Tears fell as I closed my eyes. Please, please, God…
His heinous laugh drowned out my ragged breath. Caught at a dead end, I had no choice but to turn and face him. He stood in the shadows, the darkness of his attire blended in with the night. Only the glow of his emerald-colored eyes gave him away.
Think, I shouted to myself. What does he want? My purse? My money? With a shaky hand, I pulled my wallet from my bag and flung it at him. He shifted his weight, dodging the wallet in one simple move. I stared like an idiot as it landed in the gutter behind him. Why is he chasing me if he doesn’t want my money? What else could he want?
He grinned, bearing a set of abnormally sharp, fluorescent-white teeth. Who the hell is this freak? He stepped toward me. My fists clenched as I stepped back. He took another step forward. My back pressed against the cold metal of the fence. Tears blurred my vision and fell as ice melted through the back of my coat. Chills rolled down my spine, sending a quiver to my lip. I swallowed the lump of panic building in my throat. “Leave me alone!”
He kept advancing, his eyes locked on my face, his gait slow with one foot in front of the other, like a cat. I shoved a trembling hand in my purse in search of my pepper spray. He snatched my wrist and yanked me to my knees. The contents of my purse spilled and scattered.
“What makes you think I want anything from you?” he sneered.
My chest heaved as I pushed myself up. From the corner of my eye, I glanced at the mouth of the alley, now behind me.
He scoffed. “You think you can run? Go ahead, mouse. Run.”
I did.
I was almost to the street when a thick shadow dropped from the sky. Two rock-solid fists shoved my chest. I fell backward. My head hit the pavement. Stars danced in the periphery of my vision as I struggled to sit up, but my limbs moved in slow motion.
Two hands, each finger adorned by a silver ring, gripped my shoulders and lifted me. My back hit something solid and cold—a brick wall. My feet dangled above the ground. He held me at eye level; his sour breath churned my stomach as his face inched closer to mine.
“I know what you’re thinking.” His voice was deep, smooth, as he rolled his R’s. “You’ve done nothing wrong. Nevertheless, once you kill one rat, you have to kill them all. Even a little mouse like yourself.”
My blood drained at the utterance of the word kill. I squirmed in his grasp. “Please, don’t hurt me.”
He clenched my jaw with one hand as his fingernails dug into my skin. I cried not from the pain, but from fear.
“Would you like to know a secret?” His hot breath caused bile to rise in my throat. “Only you disgusting rats can see our eyes glow. I’m sure you knew that already. I’m sure your mother told you the stories. I’ll bet you didn’t listen to her. I bet you thought they were just fairy tales and bad dreams, hmm?”
I had no idea what he was talking about. I concentrated on finding a way out of his grip, hoping his guard would slip while he continued his monologue.
“You know, when you find one rat, there are a dozen more in the nest.” He tightened his grasp. “Where’s your rathole, eh little mouse?”
“Let me go!” Pain manifested in every inch of my face. My jaw throbbed and my head spun. A stiff ache cut through my spine. Fear and cold shook my core. Exhaustion weighed down my struggling limbs. I just wanted it to end.
He studied my face for a moment, a frown tugged at his lips. “Very well.”
He released my jaw then reached back under his jacket. The sound of sharp metal being unsheathed pierced the night as he drew out a long silver dagger. My eyes widened at the emblems engraved on every inch of the blade and handle. I recognized them as Norse in origin. I also recognized the precise way in which he held the dagger level with my left rib cage. He’s going to stab me in the heart.
FOR more information about this book and J.D. Brown

follow this link...DARK HEIRLOOM


Wendy said...

Wow. I see what you mean, Lin. Edge-of-the-seat suspense, alright.
Well deserved 5 stars.

J. D. Brown said...

Thank you for the 5 stars and fabulous review, Lin! I always love reading your picture reviews. :)

Marie Laval said...

What an exciting read this looks like! And great review too!

J Q Rose said...

Wow-what a teaser. You had me at the emerald eyes.

Kay Dee Royal said...

Hi Lin, - WOW, you're spot on with this review. I loved J.D.'s Ema...and Jesu and Jalmari ~ truly what's not to like about a new vampyre attempting to figure out 'Now what?' *grins*

I'm one of J.D.'s beta readers for her second book - and may I say with huge conviction, no one will be disappointed with Book 2 (can it be even better than 5-star Book 1?)

Won't be long and you can read it for yourselves;) I love my job (tee-hee)