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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ladybug Lin Reviews: KNIGHT TO REMEMBER by Maxine Douglas

I have to begin this review by praising the intensity of this cover by Nika Dixon. I am a creature drawn to books based on my own

visual cues. If a cover does not call to me with power and intrigue, I

skip by it and move on to a book that DOES call to me.


teased the mother in me whose son and daughter-in-law chose to marry at the Pen Ren Faire in full you can see by this picture from their wedding...

Meet my son, Sir Robin of Locksley and his beautiful Maid Marian...

So with a

stunning cover and a call to a time when

knights protected and served with honor, I was, of course drawn to reading

Maxine Douglas' book.

I am not going to give the story away, except to tell y'all it involves

Time Travel and the nefarious deeds of an evil spell caster who just happens to have been the

Queen of Sir Knight's realm back then...a jealous harpie who refuses to accept the Knight she wants above all others wants and loves another...another she has no plans for him to ever claim...whether it be back then when Knights dueled and

jousted for real, or here in the present where re-enactments allow her spirit to once more try to claim what her wicked machinations could not hold on to back then this is a powerful story I fell madly in love with.

Albert Einstein believed time was not the fluid,

chronological force of Nature our eyes and aging bodies would suggest. He believed Time could be

warped, bent, and reshaped. I'm not certain he would have claimed

dark magic created such warps, but Maxine Douglas' Queen Isabel performed such deeds bringing the

Black Knight from the jousting field of her realm back then, to the jousting field of today's 21st century Bristol, Wisconsin

Ren Faire re-enactment.

I LOVED this book. From the opening challenge and

evil edict issued by the impudent and cruel queen, to the modern world where detail at the Ren Faire is excruciatingly accurate, this is a winner. The Black Knight, his true lady love, the wicked former queen, and Sir Thomas, The Black Knight's best friend, find themselves in modern times...and only the former queen Isabel Trenowyth and the Black Knight know just how much is amiss.

Well DONE Maxine...and Nika...together you have given us a story that calls out to be devoured and devour it I did.

KNIGHT TO REMEMBER...I am SO glad I picked this story up too.


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