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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ladybug Lin Reviews WHITE WOLF by Heather Kuehl

This is my

second review for a book done by Heather Kuehl.

As a

reader who falls

in love with certain authors, I am constantly wondering will future stories by this author

measure up to what I've already read...sometimes the author comes through, but sometimes they

fall short. I find myself curious about the whys of that but rarely find easy answers...


Heather Kuehl bares up beautifully under the power of my introduction to her talent and the five stars I gave to


WHITE WOLF brings us into a whole new unlike the machines of AT ALL COSTS. Here Heather introduces us to the

WEREWOLF world...but with so many twists, a part of me is dizzy with excitement.

What happens in the animal-human world when a were is born


In our human world

albinos are rare, and must be cossetted against so many elements you and I take for walking outside on a sunny day...Since Werewolves have the blood and power of their animal halves within them, what limits or expectations would be placed on this rarity?

That is the story Heather Kuehl brings to

powerful life.

Being a rarity in this dangerous, violent element makes you a

trophy all the Were clans around the world are coveting...but to win her they must slam-bam-thank you Ma'am her and wait to see if the sign of the mate shows upon the slammer and his bam-ee hours later.

I am not going to give away

to this story..and boy howdy did Heather toss in QUITE a twist...I'll just tell you, you are in for

quite a ride with this story AND...I thank all the luckiest stars in heaven, this is the

first in a series...Meaning I cannot wait for the second installment. It promises to be a


So I have no problems whatsoever awarding this SECOND Heather Kuehl book


Five Stars as well.

To learn more about Heather Kuehl and this book just click below.


Well Done Heather...

Ladybug Lin is really enjoying your author's voice.

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Christy McKee said...

Congratulations Heather on your fantastic review. You have a champion in Ladybug Lin. Her 5 star review makes me want to try something new. Usually I'm into contemporary romance but White Wolf sounds intriguing. What a stunning graphic of the beautiful white wolf.