Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat

Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Monday, October 8, 2012

Ladybug Lin Reviews: THE WILDEST PLACE by Kyla Phillips

Every time I

look into the eyes of my kitties

I feel like I am looking directly into the eyes of God's angels here among us. How can anyone not see the soul radiating back at them when they look into the eyes of our fellow travelers here on earth?

In my kitties eyes I see pure,

unconditional intelligence. Animals do not kill for the hell-of-it. They do not stalk and destroy simply because they can...they kill for food, or to protect...and yes...sometimes to mate...but even in that they are killing so they can continue the circle of life and death for their species.

I did not know when I picked up

THE WILDEST PLACE if I would like it, and I must admit there is much contained within this short story I do NOT


It begins with the

destruction of several of our animal brethren for reasons that have nothing to do with putting food on the table...but has much more to do with mankind's frequent

irrationality. Killing for sport, or in this case, vengeance makes me ill. I will never understand anyone treating animals as inferior beings to be exploited or made

pawns in wars between man and his fellow man.

Poaching has been a part of the human story since mankind first realized he could devise weapons powerful enough to bring the big animals down and from a safe distance and then exploit their kills for money.

This is such a story and it is so well written you FEEL the

harpoons slicing deep into the flesh, bone, and sinew of the animals Evil targets.

This is also a story about those who have

melded with animals...much the way my daughter has melded with

Mama Bear, her kitten. Mama Bear is so in tuned with Kat's chemistry and DNA she will often alert me to Kat's

approaching seizures...which makes me KNOW our kitties are much smarter than most people give our pets credit for.

Kyla Phillips has given us a

gripping story showing the wisdom of our four legged, well finned, and finely feathered brothers and sisters, and perhaps WHY we were all chosen to share this planet together at this time in Earth's history.

It makes me believe the

dinosaurs annihilation, may have been the Universe's wisdom in preparing this planet for the symbiotic connection between man and animal.

I started off not

being sure I would like this book, but ended having my deep belief in our unity with all species reaffirmed most satisfactorily.

That said, though, I still wonder about the value of things like
biting spiders, fleas, ticks, hornets, etc. I'm sure they have some value I just have not figured out yet.

Back to Kyla and


FIVE STARS to both!

Well done, you!

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