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Monday, December 31, 2012

NOT LONG AGO by Susan A. Royal is Ladybugged!

Everyone knows

magic played a HUGE roll in times gone by.

Alchemy...I remember watching

Merlin creating wild concoctions when I was a kid with an intense fascination with the man who taught

Arthur how to handle his sword drawing abilities.

Yep, alchemy,


Druidism, all seems to create a tapestry of the unknown that enchanted while making one also want to run, just in case the spells turned out to be unfriendly.

NOT LONG AGO by Susan A. Royal, with a dynamite cover by Suzannah Safi, brings all of that to the forefront in this compelling

Time Travel story.

Erin is down on her luck so she urges her friend Angie to find her a job...any job...temp work'll do..please.

That's how she ended up at March's home, a very eccentric author who goes through temps like you and I go through coffee grounds.

To say March's approaches to being a top notch author is erratic is more than an's even more than kind.

BUT unlike his procession of previous temps, Erin stiffens her spine and stands tall, mostly, no matter what.

Erin stays, her tenacity stronger than March's unconventionalisms...until March receives a box from his friend. Erin really should have followed in the footsteps of her predecessors and run.

March opens his box...Have you ever been catapulted back to the medeival period because you opened a box that comes in the mail addressed to you?

Unfortunately for Erin, she also gets catapulted right along with March.. How would they survive? And more importantly how will they get home?

NOT LONG AGO is a delicious story filled with enough twists and turns to keep the most avid solver of puzzles and conundrums delighted.

I HIGHLY recommend this book and readily give it a

five star kudos to Susan A. Royal*****keep 'em coming Susan...please?


Susan Royal said...

What a wonderful, wonderful surprise to find your review this morning! It was delightful and I do so appreciate it. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. (Psst--There's going to be a sequel. Erin's story isn't finished.)

Kay Dee Royal said...

Susan, Congratulations on the release of Not Long Ago and on the 5-star review! Excellent:)

Passing the word, babe:)

Nice review, Lin.

Lin said...

I was sent a comment from Kay Dee should have appeared here, but it didn' here's what I was sent.

Kay Dee Royal has left a new comment on your post "NOT LONG AGO by Susan A. Royal is Ladybugged!":

Susan, Congratulations on the release of Not Long Ago and on the 5-star review! Excellent:)

Passing the word, babe:)

Nice review, Lin.

Suzanne de Montigny said...

Wonderful! Just the title alone makes me want to read it, but the cover adds so much more.

Susan Royal said...

Thank you all so much.