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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012



Andrea Louise Koehler, cover by the amazingly gifted Muse Cover Art Goddess,

Charlotte Volnek in her playful goddess mood.

Maya and Jago are not having a great time.

Summer does not always mean laying back, hitting the beach, and lamenting the burn you accidentally acquired when you forgot to rub more

sunscreen after the last dip in the

teasing beach foam.

For these cousins helping out at the

Tupton House is not a cause for smiles and excitement, even though they were given the "big people's" responsibility to have a set of keys for the old place. It is this last bonus that sets their teeth to rattling. A

box of recent donations is missing something on THEIR watch. It's missing a curious old map of the nearby island, that may just be a

TREASURE MAP. Who could have stolen it? How did they get in when the keys never left Maya and Jago's possession, and WHY?

Andrea Louise Koehler spins a credible tale of adventure, intrigue, suspense and well-paced action here. As a Muse It Young release it is DELIGHTFUL.

I'm a former teacher, so I've had a LOT of experience reading youth literature and choosing those that will activate the imaginations of my students and keep them motivated to turn the next page and the page after that. This short story fits every criteria I placed on what my student's stories needed to be.

So with the attentive eye of an educator, and the wisdom of a very involved mom, I award Andrea Louise Koehler and her story


FIVE delightful stars.

Well Done.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ladybug Lin Reviews: LOVERS ON A TRAIN by Randall Lang

LOVERS ON A TRAIN , cover by Muse It Up Publishing's very own Cover Art Goddess,

Nika Dixon, should come with fire retardant glasses; it is THAT scorchingly hot!

As an elderly woman...(Check out my multi-tasking skills above)...60 DOES qualify me for the proud label of "elderly", it was intersting to see how Randall Lang would portray the 70 plus female lead, Julia, throughout this highly charged physical and emotional romp. He did so with brilliance!

Julia comes across as a very believable woman with experience in the sensual arts of pleasuring one can only achieve after years of fine-tuning the craft through willingness to experiment and be generous of spirit. Some learn it quicker, many

never DO learn it.

Murray, twenty odd

years younger than Julia, shows an amazing amount of reverence and respect for the rare treasure Julia truly is. He sees past the degenerative signs of age to the

crown jewel he will never be able to forget.

Randall Lang has done a GREAT job in revealing and celebrating the true beauty often ignored by the masses because of multiplying wrinkles, liver spots, and diminishing muscle tone and bone density, to what radaites from the souls of those who have loved and been

This should be

MUST READING for every creature still drawing breath today.

Therefore with awe and my deepest respect for his unique talent, I award


Well done Randall.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ladybug Lin Reviews: DEBAUCHERY: VICTORIA'S BURNING, by Kristin Battestella

Book Four in the Fate and Fangs Series...

Debauchery: Victoria's Burning


Kristin Battestella, cover by the incomparable Muse It Up Publishing's Princess Cover Art Goddess,

Suzannah Safi.

Once again I am back in the world of Kristin Battestella's Welshire vampires. It's America right after the end of the

Civil War. Victoria, daughter of

Antonio, creator of the Welshire Dynasty of vampires and Elizabeth saw the possibilities as war raged. She married and then quickly killed off a well placed

Plantation Owner becoming Mistress of all she now owns.

Thinking she is far more cunning than the slaves she has no intentions of treating as

FREED people-she's a vampire...being a FREED human...means nothing to her-she struts around in her crinoline skirts with huge hoops, not to her liking, barking orders like the superior creature she believes herself to be.

They recognize the darkness beneath her beauty, and the cruelty fueling her arrogance, so they put to rest her existence

in a most final way. Or do they?

Book Four, for this reader, is the most intense in the series so far. It deserves to be set above all that I've read to this point, but I have a dilemma. I've already given out FIVE stars for book two,

Punishment: Lilith's Trial

I wish I could give Book Four six stars...But HEY! Why can't I?

So Kristin Battestella I award THIS trip into the Fate and Fangs Chronology SIX STARS! (A least for me.)