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Saturday, August 11, 2012


Dead Man's Gambit by Muse It Up Author

 Frank Scully is a

SIT ON THE EDGE OF YOUR SEAT mystery that held me from the first word straight through to the last.

I'm not sure what classification this book is...police procedural? The hero is a former cop.

Jurisprudence? Well he's an ADA when we first meet him.

PI? After dramatically flipping his boss a euphemistic bird, he strikes out on his own.

What it is is a damned fine story that had me cursing every interruption life threw at me that forced me to walk away, even temporarily, to answer a phone, heed the call of Nature, or open the door to the mailman laden with boxes of goodies I didn't really want to be bothered with opening. (They STILL remain upopened.)

So this LadyBug is quite content and honored to award DEAD MAN'S GAMBIT


If you haven't read this book, you need to go to Muse It Up Publishing Dot Com or anywhere fine e-books are sold. You will so NOT be sorry!

Lady Bug Lin Hails UNALIVE by Cyrus Keith


book TWO in Cyrus Keith's nail bitingly intense NADIA Project Series took me back to this amazing ongoing conflict between science, morality, and spirituality.

Cyrus Keith is a master at weaving high energy suspense, but he gives us so much more. At the root of The NADIA Project Series is the basic question...what constitutes "LIFE"?

Is a sentient being composed of circuitry with wisps of human memory ALIVE...or is it nothing more than a mechanical byproduct of a nefarious creation of anti-matter bombs that look human, act human and pose as human?

There is a section in UNALIVE that set my mind and heart a-reeling...

"I want to be happy."

Nadia smiled. Happy. That sounds good. One step closer to normal.

Happy...content...normal...isn't that what every one of us wants? Does it really matter these thoughts come from the active mind of a machine?

Cyrus Keith makes me think. In today's world we have many people walking around with artificial parts such as hearts pumping the life sustaining fuel of life through their veins. They have the thoughts and memories of their lives before the parts took on the job of being part of their current whole, so are they human or machine or something in-between? 

I love the pace of Cyrus Keith's NADIA stories, and how they challenge me to also think outside the box. His brilliance speaks to the core of who I am and who I hope to become. 

I cannot recommend Cyrus Keith's books highly enough.

UNALIVE  the vehicle that introduces Jenna Paines truth delivers the same punch 

BECOMING NADIA delivered in book one. It also has me eagerly anticipating CRITICAL MASS

book three in this amazing saga.

With nothing less than total honesty I award UNALIVE 

five spirit lifting stars.

UNALIVE and BECOMING NADIA are available through Muse It Up Publishing and where other fine e and print books are sold.

You'll have to keep you eyes peeled for the coming of CRITICAL MASS.

Monday, August 6, 2012


Lady Bug Lin is back again with another review to warm the shivery cockles of your heart.

This time I have chosen

The Lycan Moon,

by gifted Muse It Up Publishing Author, S. Durham, here at the 2011 Montreal Muse It Up Retreat

with her delightful daughter meeting and greeting her adoring public.

I must admit to being a bit slow on the uptake, but alas I have relocated my Kindle, charged it, tucked my toes under my butt and let the story of

THE LYCAN MOON play out before my avaricious eyes.

Reading this story made me think about all the times I have said..."oh if only we could go back to the good old days." Well the good old days in this story weren't all that good after all.

Imagine living in a time when witchcraft had the power to curse you into immortality?

Immortality really IS a long time, and in that long time you learn to accept what cannot be changed and adjust to the minor things that can.

The word '"CONTENTMENT" pops into my mind. If you are a long suffering immortal with a curse entwined within your DNA, finding contentment I think is much more valuable than all the gold in the universe...but then I am a great fan of contentment.

Years spread out and you accept each one with a stoicism until...

And that is the basis of S. Durham's gripping tale.

Now I could sit here and give away what the "UNTIL" brings, but I don't want to be one of those reviewers that SPOILS the story.

Let's just look at it this way...the title is THE LYCAN MOON, so we must assume, and rightly so, this is going to be a story about werewolves, or to use its more scientific distinction lycanthropy.

If you look carefully at the cover you're going to notice there's a witch's hat...Even before I read the back cover or turn to the beginning of S. Durham's tale, I am now contemplating this story is going to involve werewolves AND witches.

The question is, can S. Durham bring anything NEW to this paranormal table?

With that question in my mind, I tapped the side arrows on my Kindle advancing page by page through this suspense filled para-normal adventure...and not once was I disappointed.

Therefore I take great pleasure in awarding

S. Durham and her


FIVE Palpitating Stars and urge her to keep them coming.

THE LYCAN MOON is available both in e and print copies at Muse It Up Publishing and where other fine books are available.

Saturday, August 4, 2012


BECOMING NADIA is the debut suspense filled roller coaster ride from one of Muse It Up Publishing's best storytellers.

I am not a fan of roller coaster rides because I like to keep my stomach firmly planted inside me...where it belongs, but now that I have read BECOMING NADIA by brilliant author

Cyrus Keith, I have discovered there IS a roller coaster ride I will eagerly climb onto, grab my seat by my clenched hands and wheeeeee through the whole ride.

BECOMING NADIA gives us sci-fi, seat of your pants, nail biting angst, soul-wrenching questions about what make LIFE, life, and how love can manifest in places you can least expect it.

I am so enamored with Cyrus Keith's story-weaving skills, I am already planning to bury myself as soon as I load

UNALIVE the next in Cyrus' NADIA saga.

Therefore I have the greatest pleasure to award Cyrus Keith and his DEBUT NADIA book



Congratulations Cyrus and keep 'em coming.

BECOMING NADIA is available at Muse It Up Publishing, Amazon, and where fine e-books are available.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


I read

THE LAST DAY by brilliant author

Glenn Kleier many years ago.

There aren't many books written today I go back to when my soul needs re-energizing but THE LAST DAY is one that never lets me down.

Of late my soul has been going through a difficult time, challenging my faith in the goodness existing out here in the real world

Like a sheep who lost her way I was guided by a force I do not question back to the words Glenn Kleier wrote almost fifteen years ago.

When I first stumbled upon THE LAST DAY I was battling the ravages of both chemo and radiation. Cancer is a vicious foe and can reduce the strongest among us to tears, despair, and defeat...and of course this was my SECOND battle with that foe, so I knew from the first war how difficult the siege was going to be.

Then right before my eyes I walked into my library and saw THE LAST DAY. Call it serendipity, call it gold, I reached for it, took it home and found a core of strength I never expected to find in a book of fiction.

Glenn Kleier guided me through the trials of cancer treatment. He also gave me a core of sanity that stayed with me long afterwards.

Recently that core was again challenged...and being a creature who gives credit where credit has been earned, I knew I needed to read again Jeza's journey through the soul-lifting story Glenn Kleier gave us over ten years ago...

Does it stand the test of time? Even though the core of the story surrounds the advent of 2000, the Millennium, it most definitely speaks to the soul I bring to it today with as much power as it did all those years ago.

So although I do not often revisit books I have reviewed, I feel compelled to revisit Glenn Kleier and give my review of this timeless book.

Glenn, thank you for your brilliance. Thank you for weaving a story that lifted me from the dark place life sometimes takes us and for  showing me the power of light, your excellent storytelling and wisdom for the ages.

It is my honor to award THE LAST DAY


I cannot recommend this book highly enough to those who have never read it, and encourage those who have to READ IT AGAIN!