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Saturday, November 17, 2012

THE DARK SLAYER by Christine Feehan

I have long been a fan of

Christine Feehan, but because of the depths of the darkness she brings to vivid life, I have found I had to shy away from many of her series as they progressed. 

For instance I cannot read her GHOSTWALKER series any longer. The vividly detailed descriptions of the extreme cruelty within the covers of these books is too much for me with my own memories, barely scabbed over despite almost 30 years of healing, to handle. The accuracy of her writing takes me back to a time I still am struggling to learn how to live beyond. 

That said, however, she also can put into words emotions I cannot...and she did that and so much more with this volume of her Carpathian Series. 

Dark Slayer introduces us to Ivory and Razvan...two Carpathians who have learned how to survive against the odds despite treatment that would break lesser creatures.

I was especially drawn to Razvan...a man who hates the things he's done even though he was forced to do these things by an evil beyond his ability to resist.

He hates himself, yet his honor and core strength will not allow him to blame those that cannot understand what he'd endured and remained true to his inner self. The world sees nothing but the manipulative destruction caused by him when he was controlled by first.

Christine Feehan's words Razvan uses when explaining to Ivory why he understands and in many ways feels he deserves the distrust of others resonated within me.

Many have asked me why I do not hate all men for what a few did and I respond..."How unfair would it be of me to hold an entire gender responsible for the acts of a few? I would be no better than those that hurt me.I cannot hold every male in the world accountable for what my ex-husband and his minions did to me."

Razvan says he cannot control the emotions, reactions, judgments of others...all he can do is stay true to himself...not always easy when he knows the evil things he's done, but he means for that to be the Razvan of the past...even when confronted with the uneducated and harsh judgement of those around him. 

My heart understands Razvan in a way I have not completely understood the Carpathians Christine has written about previously...he touched me and through the wisdom of the words Christine gave to Razvan, I cried and felt a healing light and understanding finally fill me.

Anyone who wants to understand the core of what abuse can do to another human being needs to read


I cannot recommend this book enough...but I eagerly give it 

FIVE STARS and thank you Ms. Feehan for putting into words my pain, my philosophy, and even though I do not always see it, my strength.