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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Monday, March 18, 2013

A COMEDY OF TERRORS gets Ladybugged

What do you do when you find you are reading pure genius? If you're me, you stay glued to your seat and

devour every word, then call to your family member for the

Krazy Glue antidote. May I say, before I continue, my butt is a tad sore. The antidote is a

scraper and Krazy Glue does not give up its hold upon one's flesh easily.

That said, I have to also acknowledge to write this review I am sitting in a pan of my butt is pleasantly numb!

Okay...moving on...A COMEDY OF TERRORS by Muse It Up Author

Graeme Smith is a trip into the gifted mind of a man who can spin a tale so well and with such brilliance, you laugh and then during the body shaking guffaws realize the brilliance woven within the giggles. And of course, you're going to LOVE "The Idiot."

It isn't often I can honestly say I am in the presence of tantalizing brilliance. From the title I expected it to be a pleasant romp...and from the cover I also anticipated a dragon would be somewhere in the journey...what I got was humor at its tantalizing best.

Mr. Smith wove a story so intricately linked you do not realize where the story is REALLY headed. When you find out, you are jolted and then know genius has been guiding you in spite of the obvious giggles along the way.

It is my profound honor to award A COMEDY OF TERRORS the highest rating currently available....

FIVE STARS...while wishing I could invent a TEN STAR review...Maybe in my next life?

Well Done Mr. Graeme Smith. I look forward to reading more of your brilliance.

A COMEDY OF TERRORS is available at MuseItUp Publishing and where fine e-books are sold.


ChrisChat said...

Having the pleasure of working with Mr. Smith, I'm thrilled beyond words you've enjoyed his story.

He better hurry up and revisit our beloved Idiot, cause I can't wait.

gail roughton branan said...

Thank you so much, Lin. Because I've been telling him for months he's a freakin' genius and he freakin' doesn't BELIEVE me!!!!

Lin said...

I don't know why Blogger posts some of the comments and not others since I am notified comments were left...but here's one from Chris Chat for Mr. Smith.

ChrisChat has left a new comment on your post "A COMEDY OF TERRORS gets Ladybugged":

Having the pleasure of working with Mr. Smith, I'm thrilled beyond words you've enjoyed his story.

He better hurry up and revisit our beloved Idiot, cause I can't wait.

Lin said...

Gail...His writing left me with my jaw on the floor. I always thought I was smart...but compared to him I belong in a permanent corner with my Dunce Cap firmly planted on my pointy head.

Cheryl said...

Graeme's a writer with lots of voice! And humor! And a knack for stringing words together!

I think he needs a sequel to the Idiot, too!

gail roughton branan said...

Lin, darlin', you're in good company. Well, maybe not good, but you're sure not alone. He makes my jaw drop and turns me pea green with envy. Pea. Green. I read him just for the flow of the words.

Graeme Smith said...

Lady Lin

My thanks indeed for the kind words, Lady Lin! And those of the clearly quite, quite mad Lady Cheryl's and Lady Gail - and Lady Chris :-). But it's an insanity I hope is infectious :-).
I'm glad you liked Segorian, wise one :-). Can I hope, without giving any spoilers, the journey was fun, and the ending something of a surprise? And that you smiled here and there along the way to meeting it?
Oh. And Segorian? Well, there's a word or two more written. And some more to come. If Lord William of the Shaking Spear will forgive me, 'A Not-Summer Night's Scream' is in progress. You see, when he was growing up Segorian might have been a little, um, indiscreet. Or not. After all. He was only trying to help a friend. Even if she was rather attractive. And not in the habit of wearing...
Ahem. As a certain River Song might say - spoilers :-).

The Idiot