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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Ladybug Lin

has been reading again.

by award winning author Kevin Hopson found its way into my grubby little hands recently, and have I got a lot to say.

Where to begin? It takes a truly gifted author to develop a story well enough to make the reader care about the characters and the events unfolding in under 4,000 words.

This is true in many medias.

Think about it...those of you who are die hard NCIS fans today may not have had the chance if the powers behind the number-crunching hadn't taken a chance that first season over a decade ago. They allowed the show to continue despite lackluster numbers. Thankfully. That gave the show TIME so the audience could grow and get to KNOW the NCIS team, and love them separately and collectively...The operative word there is TIME.

Authors who write short stories don't have the luxury of a world class dictionary they can incorporate into their manuscripts, or multiple chapters to develop storylines and characters.

Authors who tell powerful stories in minimal numbers of words...I think have the toughest jobs...many fail.

Kevin Hopson did not.

EARTH ABLAZE presents us with our world after apocalyptic solar flares have radiated our planet and reduced what we know to ash, death, and little else.

Two young men...strangers...the sole?...survivors are on a journey to a place of alleged safety. 

Two young men...facing fear, the ever increasing threat of radiation poison...starvation... and diminishing hope.

How will we, the reader, come to find any purpose in caring if these two souls, survive?

I'm not going to offer a spolier here...let me just say, Kevin Hopson is such a brillaint author, not only do you care, a part of you stays right there with them when the last word echoes and reverberates inside your brain and soul, long after you shut you e-reader down. 

Mr. Hopson is already an award winning author for his short stories...I predict this one will sweep his categories for all 2013 entries as is THAT good.

Five Stars...

hardly adequate, but the most I am able to give.
EARTH ABLAZE is available at Muse It Up Publishing and where fine e-books are sold.

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Marian Lanouette said...

You made me want to read it now. LOL