Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat

Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

PURITY DWELLS WITHIN by Suzannah Safi Gets Ladybugged

Quivering suspense is yours to partake as you follow the course laid out so deftly by

Ms. Suzannah Safi.

Imagine minding your own business when suddenly you're not you. Your mind, your soul, what makes you, you, is now walking around in

the body of someone else.

Dark Magic

is afoot, and you Hannah Williams are now caught in its

web. How will you function? How will you reclaim what is yours, the body you were born to? And will Kev Anderson, the husband of the body you now walk around in turn on you, or will he help?

Ms. Safi has created an intricate tail of dark

demonism, souls trapped by a cult dedicated to evil, but also hope.

I am not going to do a spoiler, but I will say this book is worthy of your seeking it out and spending a dark and eerie night shivering inside the world Ms. Safi has created.

I am deeply impressed with Ms. Safi's writing talents and look forward to reading more from this gifted author.

Five Quivering Stars I award to

Purity Dwells Within.

Very Well Done Ms. Safi.

Purity Dwells Within is available where fine e-books can be purchased.

Ms. Safi can be reached at

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