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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Sunday, June 30, 2013

FIREBORN FOUND by Mary Andrews gets Ladybugged

This is Book One in

Mary Andrews' The Fireborn Chronicles, and my introduction to characters I knew I recognized but wasn't sure why.

Ms. Andrews introduces us to the crew who will one day form the central "family" manning the ship known as "Nemesis."

Each is brought in to join Rael, the Captain, a man with incredible skills for an event that will make or break them somewhere in the nebulous "yet to come."

Ira, a man with skills that allow him to intertwine with your basic, I guess DNA, emotional and physical, comes on board next...otherwise known as a dreaded Wall Master.

Laynald, The King's Healer follows...a healer, who also happens to be an assassin...what a UNIQUE combination.

Is the future READY for these three and their ship?

And what of Tristen, the mind seducing slave who claims to be one of the CHOSEN? What's a Chosen?

I found myself happily lost in the fast moving world of Ms. Andrews' future. Rael's differences set him apart, and yet, his heart makes you love him all the more.

I do not do spoilers, so I won't give any of the events away, but I will tell you, I am looking forward to Book Two: The Fireborn Chronicles: Resonances and it's calling to me from my waiting Kindle as I complete this review.

Therefore, I Ladybug Lin, take great pleasure in awarding The Fireborn Chronicles: Fireborn Found

FIVE BLAZING STARS and say KEEP "EM coming Ms. Andrews.

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