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Saturday, June 15, 2013

LIES AND PAINE by Cyrus Keith gets Ladybugged

What an arrogant excuse for a fan I am.

I have read every book in Cyrus Keith's phenomenal NADIA PROJECT series beginning with Becoming Nadia, moving on to Unalive, culminating with Critical Mass...So when I discovered he'd written another book, this one a PRE-QUEL called
LIES AND PAINE, I actually snorted...most unattractively, and expressed my doubt by saying, "What could he possibly have to tell me about Jenna Paine I haven't already learned in the previous three books?"

Oh the sheer arrogance of my question. Knowing the wealth of Cyrus' creative genius I should have guessed he truly had a cornucopia of details about the woman/operative known to Cyrus' fans as Jenna Paine just waiting to grab for another action packed ride.

For instance, I thought I understood the motivations behind Jenna's mother, the inestimable Dr. Meredith Paine...but I learned very quickly, Dr. Paine possesses a far more complex personality than I'd ever expected. Admittedly, I still wouldn't want her to be MY mother, but Cyrus gave me, his avid reader, a deeper glimpse into the layers creating the woman who raised Jenna Paine, so much so,  I can no longer judge her based on unwavering shades of black and white.

I've been a Cyrus Keith fan since I read the first lines of BECOMING NADIA...

"She had no memory from before the  Darkness."

...and on through each of the many lines since, stretching now, throughout four titles. My belief in this author's storytelling skills is growing with each new tale.
LIES AND PAINE is a MUST read for anyone who's into high energy suspense. In a world, such as we live in today, it isn't always easy to know who the good guys are, and who the bad guys are. Is Jenna a good guy? She wants to be, but when your world is built on an ever changing sea floor of lies...?

LIES AND PAINE deserves more stars than we currently can give it, so I am limited to giving it


This IS science fiction at its best...or is it Science FACT at its scariest?

You'll have to read it for yourself and decide.

To Mr. Keith I add, please bring your creative storytelling back to us with a new tale, soon...You've captured this fan, and I am going to hold on tight.


Suzanne's Thoughts for the Day said...

Yay, Cyrus!

Marsha said...

Congrats, Cyrus. What a great review. And Ladybug, how creative you are.

Kay Dee Royal said...

Wow, Cyrus...another great interview to add to your collection...just like your growing collecting of books. Congratulations:)

Lin, Oops,'re the balm:) Excellent review.

Cyrus Keith said...

Thanks, Marsha.