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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Thursday, July 18, 2013

BANYAN by Sameena Bachmeier gets LADYBUGGED

Lately the 

Ladybug has been reading a LOT of books written for the young...or the young at heart...and by authors who have discovered the best way for our youths to understand history is to give them a method to LIVE it...VIVIDLY.

BANYAN accomplishes  this using a Time Travel medium I'd never heard of before...a stick/branch from the Banyan Tree.

Kannie, a teenager in her junior year in High School is bored by most everything going on her life. She's far from happy with her dad and the new family he's busily creating...and her mom...well her mom is working hard and too tired to do more than down some wine each night and get a bit tipsy before crawling into bed leaving the chores for Kannie. 

A stalking man hands Kannie a bag with a 

Banyan Stick inside she unknowingly activates by vocalizing a heartfelt sneer of a be anywhere but here!

Time Travel IS a great way to bring life to the past, letting our children step into the events shaping history on the cusp of its happening. 

Can you imagine finding yourself front and center, for instance when John Hancock signed, with elaborate flourish, the Declaration of Independence because you wake up in Philadelphia right there, your eyes seeing Revolutionary Philadelphia and your nose smelling the odor of horse's dunging as they fly by? That does NOT happen in this book...but other events from our historical past, equally impressive do.

I LOVED this book, and can imagine basing a lot of my lessons, when I was still a teacher around the events captured within this story's pages. 

It is VERY well written.

I WOULD had I had the author's ear when she was writing it, however asked for one change...I would rather have seen each of the events covered given a whole book devoted to it alone. Too many eras were covered, but that said, it still gives the reader a more personal look at the history that came before us than text books. That alone makes it a 


I'm hoping MS. Bachmeier continues her Time Traveling theme, but gives us just ONE era or event to explore rather than all the ones she had in this book. That is my ONLY gripe...and it's a minor one. (Think of the future books for this series...kind of like a weekly QUANTUM LEAP showing was.)



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