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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Saturday, July 20, 2013

BIG GIRLS DON'T CRY WOLF by Kay Dee Royal Get's Ladybugged

Howdy All...Ladybug Lin here, and I've been reading again. And of course that leads to Ladybug Lin doing another STELLAR review...I know, I know, I've got to work on that ego problem...

but until I do, let's not quibble over minor semantics...OKAY?

BIG GIRLS DON'T CRY WOLF is listed on its publisher Muse It Up Publishing's catalog as a "Paranormal Erotica Romance" AND as a SHORT STORY!

Now that I've read it...a time or two...YES it WAS that good...I can assure one and all it fits comfortably in the PARANORMAL genre and adding the tag "EROTICA" hits the heat level right on its steamy bulls-eye. 

(Robin Hood could not have aimed THAT arrow any better!)

Brea, our most exquisitely designed heroine, is reeling from the tragic loss of her twin sister. Twins have an extra layer of closeness born into their DNA the average set of siblings cannot understand nor imitate. Losing one's twin leaves the remaining half of the dynamic WHOLE lost in a sea where the world is no longer a place of's a sea of split-apart haze you must now navigate alone.

Determined, despite her confusion and pain, to prove herself worthy of receiving one hundred percent of the love from her adoptive parents, Brea turns her pain inside and focuses on helping her parents run their mountain resort, placing herself on a path no human can hope to successfully travel down...but is she something beyond the constraints of mere human? 

No! She can't possibly be anything BUT your average, as in NORMAL run of the mill, every day HUMAN girl...RIGHT!?!

BIG GIRLS DON'T CRY WOLF revels in the deepest elements of a person's conflicts, bringing to the forefront two sides of who we are born to be when those divergent sides begin battling for supremacy over the final element of who will dominate the alpha side of the person emerging from the cauldron within. Which side, the side we recognize, or the scary side now demanding release from deep within will claim our core's crown when the dust finally settles?

Kay Dee Royal knows how to create a power packed internal war while delivering it in a setting of such consummate Natural serenity. You, the reader, want to cry over the added layer of unfairness it adds to the heroine's battles. 

This is a top-notch suspense story filled with paranormal intrigue, passion, violence, love, and so much raw fear and fury you are going to walk away emotionally wrung dry.


Five Stars

...and a hip-hip-hooray! Can't wait for the next book suggested by the ending of this book.

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Alix Richards said...

I keep telling myself not to add more books to my list and every time I turn around I'm adding another. LOL Great post and review Lin!

Kay Dee Royal said...

Lin, thank you so much for such a deep book review...and yes, I'm smiling like there's no tomorrow:) I just shared this with my family -and they're smiling too:)


Kay Dee Royal said...

Alix, thanks so much for stopping in and commenting...and I know exactly what you mean about adding more books to the TBR list;)