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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

BROKEN BONDS by Margaret Fieland gets LADYBUGGED

I did not learn until the very end of reading this book that it is the second trip 

Ms. Margaret Fieland takes her readers on into the alien world of Aleyne. Does that mean the reader needs to first read book one 

RELOCATED to get up-to-speed before grasping what it is happening, or GOING to happen in this book 



Ms. Fieland does a fantastic job of rapidly recapping for the first time adventurers. At no time did I feel lost. At no time did I have to wonder...what is going on? What I DID feel is the same level of frustration I feel today with the ongoing proof of political corruption confronting us almost daily with the news reports pouring out of Washington and downtown Podunk. Political manipulation at its finest, which translates at its most corrupt is alive and well in the distant future and has a stranglehold that we, the readers of today can understand all too well.

However, this is NOT a story limited by the intrigue of the underhanded greed and power plays that form the chessboard upon which the foundation of the story is built. It is, actually, a journey through the many levels of love, trust, fear, and core beliefs shaped by societal norms.

Ms. Fieland weaves her story well, bringing Science FUTURE, to Earth-NOW. Every level is carefully presented the reader understands, accepts, and almost wishes we too were a part of the cohesive units being forged in her future, Aleyne.


Science-Fiction? Yes...but much more...and well deserving of the 


I can't wait for the next book in this powerful journey.

BROKEN BONDS is available at MUSEITUPPUBLISHING.COM, AMAZON.COM, BARNES AND NOBLE, KOBO, and where fine e-books are sold.


Margaret Fieland said...

Lin, thanks for reviewing my book. I've read a lot of sci fi, and I find it particularly annoying when authors dump one into the middle of a world with little or no explanation. Some authors *want* to do this. I'm glad to hear you weren't lost.

Lin said...

I was very impressed with the way your story evolved, but AI was equally impressed with how you recapped the past in a brief, and concise way. I couldn't put it down...and was not happy when nature made me have to take a few, minutes away, especially since I wasn't drinking anything JUST so I wouldn't have to do that.

Penny's Tales said...

Margaret, this one really sounds like a great read. Lin, you really have a way with words that makes the reader want to buy this book. Very nice review!