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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013



Nancy Marie Bell

Having read several books written by Ms. Bell I began this book with extremely high expectations. What I forgot is MS. Bell's unimaginable ability to flex her 

writing wings like some literary chameleon, if such a creature existed, change her creative signature to fit the ebb and flow of the story she's designing and drop a whole new level of subtle or not-so-subtle 

pow into the mix.

One of her few semi-consistent elements or themes that 

pop up in many of her stories are animals. Ms. Bell has an all abiding love for our two and four-legged cousins, horses...dogs...chickens...etc., etc., a love I, Ladybug Lin, share.

CHRISTMAS STORM gives us an exquisite Pure-bred Mutt-Dog who's seen the cruel hand of human kind prior to seeking 

sanctuary far beneath our heroine's porch on the night a blizzard is bearing down on the plains of Alberta, Canada. 

Battered, pregnant, starving and worse, Michelle coaxes the mistreated creature into her hearth, brings in the reinforcements, the new vet she'd rather not call, but when help is needed and no one else is available to weather the weather....One swallows one's enmity for the good of her new four-legged friend.

This story took me 

back to a time when my own life was much more simple, and more complex. Living off the land's time patterns is not easy. You cannot shrug and say..."I'm not up to feeding the animals today, so I'll pass on my chores, and double up on them tomorrow."  Nancy Marie Bell brilliantly brings the hardships AND the rewards to life. 

I began this review by stating I have the highest expectations when I begin a Nancy Marie Bell story, and to date I have not been disappointed.

I am not going to do a spoiler and tell you what happens during the course of this 

novella, but I will tell you it is filled with romance, pain, feelings of betrayal, being taken for granted, and finally accepting our own inability to see things without any doubt at all times, no matter how clear sighted we THINK we are.

I recommend this book highly and give 



CHRISTMAS STORM can be found at Muse It Up Publishing, , Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and where other fine e-books are sold.


Anonymous said...

Completely agree with your comments for Christmas Storm. This was the first book I read through Museitup. I fell in love with the dog and the dog's vet.
Heather - Natasha's Dream

Nancy M Bell said...

Thank you for your kind words Lin. Storm is a story very close to my heart, as you know. I have a rescue dog actually called Storm now. She's not the dog who inspired Christmas Storm but she is a survivor.

Hugs Lady Bug Lin


Lin said...

Yes Darling, Nancy, I know you have a rescue dog. Both of our cats came from the pound and we have never been more certain they were meant for us. (Mama Bear is so tuned into Kat sometimes she lets me know Kat is going to have a seizure.)Our love for them has no limits.

Michelle's rescue of Storm reminded me of my rescue of a cat a few years ago. I could not keep her...our babies would never have approved, and we were/are at our limits with the apartments we lived in, but I made sure she stayed warm (I went down, started my car, stayed with her, fed her, talked to her, petted her...much to my kitties later chagrin, and ached when the animal control people came to take her.)

I will never understand what she was doing out on that bitterly cold night. Her claws had been removed, so she had no defenses against the outside world and she was beautiful. I hope she was adopted. I still ache for my inability to claim her.

Kay Dee Royal said...

Wow, congratulations, Nancy. Quite an amazing review from Lin;)

Your book sounds like a touching story...I've had a few rescue dogs join our family...they can make the best ever companions. you both:)