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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Thursday, July 25, 2013

DRAGON'S KISS by Tielle St, Clare gets LADYBUGGED

Ladybug, Ladybug come tell me true...why do you do this thing here you do?

I am 

Ladybug Lin and I read books and then review them. When I began I knew I could not be true to myself if I only reviewed books produced by one publisher...luckily I met one of the most honorable publishers right off the bat, Lea Schizas,, publisher of Muse It Up Publishing and head of the Multi-award winning FREE Muse Online Writers Conference. She told me...


So here I am about to review DRAGON'S KISS a rather ASTOUNDING book by Tielle St. Clare, Book One in her Shadow of the Dragon Series for Ellorascave.

Where to about with... 

...this is one HOT, HOT, HOT read...From the opening sentence to the final salvo it is a guaranteed 


I'm not usually a fan of non-stop squirming...but this gave me such a journey and I didn't shut off my e-reader and walk away. That alone should tell you how 

GOOD this book is and how well written it is.

The story holds you firmly in its grip and will NOT let you go. 

Tielle St. Clare has pure 

dynamite coming out of her keyboard and she knows how to share it with her readers.

Therefore I cannot NOT give 

 DRAGON'S KISS less than 


If you have NOT latched onto this author's writing forays yet, you have GOT to get in gear and get busy.

Well Done Ms. St. Clare!

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Boone Brux said...

I agree that Dragon's Kiss is an amazing book and Tielle St. Clare is one of my favorite authors and a dear friend. The problem is that the author photo is of me, not Tielle. LOL. Just thought you should know:)