Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat

Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Friday, July 19, 2013

FORECAST FOR MURDER by John Russo gets Ladybugged

This is Ladybug Lin here...and I am back and at it again.

I am new to the world of John Russo, but happily once I've found a winner, I jump in and swim until the sea runs dry of new delicacies for this devouring treasure chomper to munch away on. Truth is I'm never certain if I'm happiest when I find an excellent author on their first book's debut or with the release of their tenth. See on their tenth, I have nine previous books to feed my new craving on, but if I find this author early in his-her writing career, I have to sit on the edge of my seat, chomping on my fingernails while waiting for the next release to make it out to us, their adoring public. 

Thankfully I won't have to do that with John Russo since THIS is NOT his first.

I LOVED this mystery, FORECAST FOR MURDER. His groundwork is excellent...his clues well hidden but not so buried I wasn't chastising myself for not seeing them during my first read through..his crumb strewing top-drawer, and his gift for keeping me engaged in collecting those wayward crumbs, captivating. 

Because this IS my first book of Mr. Russo's I am going to reserve my one area of disappointment until I've read one of his previous, books starring this amateur sleuth...I believe there is at least reason...I'm hoping Mr. Russo lets us get to know Mrs. Huggins better in the previous offering than he did in this one. I have no idea who Mrs. Nora Huggins is in this one...except I found her a bit...I guess overbearing. I'm really hoping a previous book explains that part of her enough to mitigate that part of her.

Moving on though, I was quite a ways into this story before I realized all her "skills" at detection come from reading her mystery books...nothing more. 

To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure how realistic it would have been for ANY officer to have allowed her to be so visible in any investigation with ONLY that as her area of expertise...especially in today's high-tech world. Does she have a track record this officer can find by calling her up on the Internet? The same Internet that's probably not available due to the intensity of the storm keeping the State police from arriving on the island? 

But other than those minor issues, this is a fast paced, short, high energy, murder mystery journey and worthy of the 

4 1/2 stars I'm awarding 


Well done and I AM looking forward to reading some of the following John Russo Murder Mystery Tales available from Mr. Russo's MuseItUp Publishing House.:

Dianne's Dilemma
The Antique Toy Con
The Golden Eagle Mystery
Grounds For Murder...especially this one, since it seems to BE the first Nora Huggins and may explain Mrs. Huggins behavior and the senior Police investigator to my satisfaction in FORECAST FOR MURDER.

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