Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat

Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013



by Adriana Ryan

Magic is in the air and Millie Fields is the delighted recipient.

Millie wants...she wants the office heartthrob...who also happens to own the office...

Millie isn't your walking, talking runway fact the object of her wildest fantasy doesn't even know she exists. Hardly anyone does...and there's the rub.

Enter magic...but is the dreamboat worth the magic?

An old saying "Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it," popped into my mind the whole time I was reading this short but delightful read by Adriana Ryan.

For anyone who wants a fast, happy read where the girl gets her guy AND does a number on the snot nosed DOG who thinks he's just too great to breathe the same air as the rest of us, this is a great quickie. Millie Fields shows the depth of a vulnerable heart that sometimes can't see the gold beyond the patina of dross.

A well done quickie with a light, happy rhythm that leaves you glad you chose this HEA read to spend some time with. I have only one wish...I wish we'd gotten a better look at the relationship between Braedon and Millie. We need a little more Braedon. For that reason only I am giving 


4 1/2 STARS.

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Penny's Tales said...

I am such a slow reader, I like them quick and short! Good luck Adriana. I hope you sell a million books!