Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat

Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Friday, July 12, 2013


A sure sign the Ladybug is caught, snared, or enchanted, it by her capture within a story so deeply she cannot move on as long as the next in the series is ready for her to move on to right away...and such was the case with the sequel to Janie Franz's RUINS: DISCOVERY.

So with itchy grey matter and a determination to find out what happens next, the Ladybug unfurled her wings, took flight and landed smack dab at the beginning of Book Two...


Kate and Paul are married...and yeah...that was a surprise...sorta saw that coming, just not this quickly...still it set the background for the honeymoon that turned out to be the strangest honeymoon I think any bride could have imagined.

Janie Franz can weave history's mysteries masterfully. In this book she takes on the mystery surrounding the pyramids...those here on the American continent and how they might be connected to those over there in in Egypt.

I LOVE pre-historical mystery. Who doesn't? One of my absolute favorite books written by the queen of mystery Dame Agatha Christie is Death Comes As The End. Dame Christie weaves a tale not of modern times, but of Egypt when the Pharaohs ruled the lands.

Ms. Franz has gone the opposite direction, she has brought an explanation for what is in today's findings full circle by creating a viable what might have been with her artifact. Her groundwork has merit because she bases it on what we know from the ruins being discovered today and what we know from a time long forgotten. History woven within the fabric of her modern day mystery, coupled with that supernatural bulls-eye she showed us is engraved upon Paul's soul, and may now be upon his wife, Kate's as well leads us on an excursion unlike any other?

Danger from the past, danger from the present, danger from the future. What a deliciously menacing ride we are taken on through the steamy rain-forests  the sweltering deserts, and the misguided jealousies of unbridled power when wrongly coveted and exploited.

Passion permeates this book at every level.

The best books are those that hold you in their grip while you're reading them, but also make you think long after you put them down, haunting you, daring you to just try to forget them. This book does that and more. My daughter and I are still debating what this book made us feel and think might just be. That alone, makes 

Ruins: Artifacts



VERY Well Done Ms. Franz. I don't know if you plan any more in the Ruins Series, but I hope so.

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