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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

STARCROSSED by Stephanie Bedwell-Grime gets LADYBUGGED

STARCROSSED could be the blueprint for 

THE TOWER OF BABEL of the future.

Have you ever wondered how many misunderstandings occurred amongst nations at that place because of language barriers...and if it is not a precursor for what will happen in our distant future when we become a league not just of nations but galaxies?

Stephanie Bedwell-Grime has written a short-really short story about such an event.

It IS the future, and we have a woman involved in the HOSPITALITY industry of the future...knowing languages in the future takes on a whole new meaning when you are not limited to learning a few languages spoken by the pockets of people scattered on your home world, but the gazillions of languages and all their nuances spoken by all the peoples on all those planets out there surrounding all those clusters of stars in all those many, many galaxies. 

I've often felt the hardest stories for a writer to tell effectively are the short stories because they have to have a lot of pow in a minimum amount of space. Each word the author writes has to be very well chosen to tell the dynamics of the story and make it believable, powerful, and worthy of the minimal space their allowed. Not everyone can accomplish this. Ms. Bedwell-Grime introduces us to Cassie, makes us like her, understand her, and cheer for her, she also makes us want her to succeed.

This is Cassie's first assignment as a sort of hospitality delegate for the Cetian Ambassdor negotiating the conference his people will conduct at Cassie's resort planet. Problem is Cassie's understanding of the Cetian language may just have offered herself in marriage to the ambassador and all the other delegates mates as well. 

How's a new Protocol Officer supposed to undo her error when she finds the Cetian Ambassador makes her blood heat up and her tongue do somersaults whenever she gets near him?

This is a delightful frolic into the future. Well told despite its shortness and even though it IS short, Ms. Bedwell-Grime managed to make it concise, precise, and deliciously entertaining.

I hope she's planning to bring us more of her brand of playful stories.


Five Stars for this Sci-Fi Mini-Romp.

STARCROSSED is available at MUSEITUPPUBLISHING.COM, AMAZON.COM, BARNES AND NOBLE, KOBO and where fine e-books are sold.

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Penny's Tales said...

Wow, this sounds like my kind of story. I will be checking this one out!. Congrats Stephanie and thanks to Ladybug's review for bringing it to my attention.