Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat

Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
Place Your Trust in Their HOT SEAT

Thursday, July 18, 2013


I will NEVER look upon a public bathroom quite the same way again after reading this short, but oh so spicy story by Liam Stalls.. 

This author's writing is so 

incendiary I'm surprised my eyeballs and brain synapses can still function after reading all the way through this book...


Imagine, if you will, our heroine's predicament...(pretend it's you)...Nature is calling at the Happening Bar, so you zip, as quickly as your complaining bladder will let you, to the closest bathroom with that internationally known sign indicating it's for humans of...well, the GIRL persuasion. 

Are you picturing it? Good. Let's go a little bit further.

Gratefully you flip the lock on your stall, wrestle your drawers until you can lower your bottom down to tinkle your release. You're almost ready to let the stream loose, a sigh of relief forming on your lips, ready to escape...when you hear it...a sound..., actually...a LOT of sound...the kind of sounds one does not expect to be coming from the stall right next to you, sounds that involve not one...but two people, one of which should NOT be in THIS bathroom.

To make matters worse, your pee-er is no longer concerned with the tinkle pressure needing to find its outlet...oh your wayward down-below parts are starting to get all too hot and bothered to think about bladder health.

This is one of the WILDEST books I've ever read in a very, very long time, and although technically a SHORT read, it is NOT short of hot, BUTTERED ZING-A-LING-A-LINGING!

How Liam Stalls manages to pack so much punch in such a short read shows him to be the truly gifted writer he obviously is.

I've heard via a whispered grapevine, this is the first in a series...I HOPE the rumors aren't JUST rumors, because this is a series I am already standing in line waiting for the next installment of.

THE ENCHANTED BATHROOM deserves MORE than five stars, but I am limited to being to JUST give it 


Well Done Liam Stalls. 

And if you haven't caught it yet, boy are you missing out on the greatest experience of your life. I am a proud member of the

 Muse Reading Bug Family. Join us for some of the BEST reads by some of the BEST authors available today.

This is Ladybug Lin signing off until next time.

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