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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Saturday, July 13, 2013


The Fireborn Chronicles by Mary Andrews began for me with FIREBORN FOUND, book one in this incredible series. Once I'd finished reading it, I was delighted to learn Book Two, 

The Fireborn Chronicles: Resonances was already released so I didn't have to sit on the sidelines waiting for the next leg in the series.

I was NOT disappointed in the journey taken by Rael and his crew aboard his ship Nemesis, but as I neared the conclusion of Book Two I began a slow but ever growing wail. Book THREE...oh please, I lamented, is it out? It HAS to be. I cannot sit here on the sidelines wringing my hands waiting and waiting until some magical date in the future springs across the cyber world and my e-reader gets lucky.

Book Three The Fireborn Chronicles: Revelations released from Ms. Andrew's Publisher, Muse It Up Publishing on July 27, 2012 so I was on a roll. 

I have to admit I spent some time looking at the cover for book three trying to figure out who the cover image represents. I concluded, it must be Ira Haze, the head Psi guy sent in book two to Future Earth to save it from the same destiny of Ancient Earth in another dimension by Rael, the Overlord of well...everything. 

I don't DO spoilers, so I'm not going to tell you what Ira and his group must save the future Earth (our earth?) from, but I will tell you I rode right along with Ira, his blind but brilliant wife Tristen, The Light and Dark Lords, Nevon and Deshon, Rael, the Overlord, his gorgeous Archangels, and Laynald, his combination healer-assassin, as they work together to bring a future to earth (ours?).

Based on the ending I HOPE there's going to be a Book Four, because now I am sitting here wailing at the top of my lungs, wringing my hands, waiting for the next installment in this ongoing Psionic Sci-Fi adventure brilliantly crafted by Mary Andrews.

So once more I quite happily award Ms. Andrew's brilliance with The Fireborn Chronicles: REVELATIONS


And say....PLEASE keep 'em coming.  

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Mary Andrews said...

Again, thank you so much, Lin. I don't think people realize just how much readership feedback is appreciated by authors. Maybe I'm a bit like Tinkerbelle; every time somebody says something nice about The Fireborn series, it makes me want to write faster.

I'm glad you like the series so far.

I'm currently working on a follow-up to Revelations, as well as a prequel to the entire story arc. I'm really excited about it and I'll strive harder to get it all done asap.