Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat

Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Friday, July 19, 2013


I tried to feel the glow of 

Christmas in July last weekend when the Hallmark Channel ran a marathon of Christmas movies...I soooo wanted to feel the brisk joy of 

snow...especially now that I've moved down to the deep south and know way down in my soul, snow is definitely something I'll see only in my memories OR on my TV screen. (Last Christmas I was huddling on the bathroom floor with my adult daughter and our two cats praying the tornadoes threatening to spin down and pull us up into their cyclonic maws weren't really gonna ruin our too warm for comfort 

Ho-Ho-Hoing day.)

BUT the Hallmark channel could no more make me think of frost upon my windowpanes than those two days of 46 degree winter put me in the holiday spirit last winter...down how was I going to get into the spirit of HALLOWEEN when geckos...not the cute ones like on TV but the real ones that do nothing to make me want to laugh or go "AWE" speak " CROCODILE DUNDEE" when I see them congregating just outside my door.

Halloween, up where I'm from may not always feel like an 

Arctic ice blast, but it never feels like you're being skewered in the middle of an Amazonian steam how was I going to get into a book that is all about HALLOWEEN?

Luckily for me the author of this book, one 

LEA HOVRIS SCHIZAS, is a real humdinger of a writing conjurer who can grab you from the first word, wrapping her brilliant talent around your mental imagery, bending it with skill-filled glee and does not once let you slip away.

What an adventure she took Jillian, her captivating little heroine and her party guests on...and oh yeah, me too. Time Travel, magic, mass hallucination?...what did Mom and Dad put in that punch? Just kidding!

Whatever caused the adventure it was incredibly entertaining, emotional, edgy, enlightening, eerie, and expedient. In that short time, Jillian and her friends entwined with history in a way neither they nor the reader could have if Lea Hovris Schizas had written this story any other way.

Beginning, Middle, End, and Beyond. Lea Hovris Schizas gives the reader, and Jillian and her friends it all with this well crafted tale.

It is my understanding this is book one in a series, and I for one hope that's true. I also hope teachers will find their way to this winner. As a former teacher I enjoyed teaching about the dinosaurs. I had all kind of visual aids to engage my students beyond the textbooks. I can't think of a story book to have students reading as a supplementary source of information/discussions while studying dinosaurs more than this one.

So I award 

Five Stars for 

THE HALLOWEEN DINO TRIP and bringing history to breathtaking life, Ms. Schizas. So when can we expect the next Jillian Waylan Story?

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