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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


When I was a girl and I heard bits and pieces about Joan of Arc, I wondered. Sadly, we didn't learn much, though. What I did learn was mostly in the history portion of my days spent in Catholic School. 

What must it have been like to be a young girl chosen by God to rally the army and lead them to victory?

Let's take it a step further...suppose many centuries in the future Joan's soul re-enters flesh and just happens to choose your body?

Okay...crazy time, right? And start KNOWING things...and can FEEL the approach of EVIL. 

How will it play out? Assuming you're not crazy, that is.

Will you defeat evil, as Joan did, only to have it blow up in your face when those you have led turn on you and condemn you? Will you fall beneath the long, vicious reach of the Evil aiming its poison darts directly at you? Will you defeat it but live with the haunting insanity of memories too horrible to hold inside yourself and still keep a grasp on a future?

Or will the tides change? And if they what cost?

S. Durham has created a masterpiece with her powerful novel aptly entitled THE POWERS.

This is the SECOND book by S. Durham I have read so far. (The first being 

THE LYCAN MOON.) I enjoyed my first journey into the worlds of S. Durham's creative mastery, but this one has left me haunted. 

S. Durham has painted a landscape of dark, heart-pounding terror, that makes you wonder if you really should continue reading on when your heartbeat is racing, your blood is pounding, and goose bumps are multiplying over the entire length of your body. Yet continue on, you do.

I do NOT do spoilers, so I am not going to give ANYTHING away...EXCEPT, if you LOVE being scared out of your jeeburs, THIS is a book you cannot pass up! I guarantee you won't leave it untouched.

Therefore I easily and with utmost honesty award S. Durham's THE POWERS


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Kay Dee Royal said...

I absolutely loved both of these books - S. Durham has a way of creating characters that pull a reader in and not let go for the whole roller coaster ride to the amazingly satisfying ending:)

Congrats on the 5 star, S;)

Lin, as always, your book reviews are such fun to read:)