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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Friday, July 5, 2013

THE SILK ROMANCE by Helena Fairfax gets Ladybugged

When you see a picture of

Clarke Gable lifting the delicate but shapely hand of Vivien Leigh, then wife of Lawrence Olivier, to his well molded lips, his eyes holding hers with fiery intent do you jump to the assumption Clarke is moving in on

another man's territory? If you were not aware, that at the time Clarke and Vivien were the stars of the blockbuster Gone With The Wind, you might.

Preconceived often do we give in to them? And how many times do they turn out to be dead wrong?

Over the years I have seen the headlines predicting Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's relationship would never last. Yet they have lasted longer than most Hollywood marriages. I've also seen the opposite where this guy and that girl were destined for Forever only to have them acrimoniously going their separate ways in a week, or a month, their "FOREVER" blowing into zillions of smithereens in a heartbeat or ten?
Helena Fairfax
takes us into the world of illusion, power, money, paparazzi, and shifting shadows...where a young girl paraded before her grandmere's wealthy hangers on learns at a young age what it means to be at the center of the whirlwind of disdain the wealthy feel no remorse in dumping on those they perceive their inferiors. She has to learn about the walls she must build to survive that world and the real one where fate requires she be the backbone of her deeply fractured family.

Jean Luc Olivier, a race car champion, and a man used to flicking his finger and calling any number of stunning socialite beauties to his side appears as arrogant and egotistical as the rest of his crowd...but is he?

One night...Sophie knew she'd made a lied to his face and fled. Now years later, with graduation nearing, Jean Luc, no longer a race car champion, now owner of a growing silk manufacturing concern, holds out an apprenticeship no student can afford to turn down, but no young woman with memories of those hands, those lips, that body can afford to be near.

Illusions...shifting sands of image and reality...Helena Fairfax takes us deep into the underbelly of the patina of wealth and its many masks. Sophie has secrets she will not share...secrets she cannot ever turn her heart away from...And Helena shows us so might the wealthy and misunderstood...For beneath the masks we all wear no matter who we are, truth is rarely cut and dry.

This is one of the most well crafted stories I have read about preconceived delusions and how we can turn from the one thing we might just need more than breath itself.

I am not usually a fan of Sweet Romance...saccharine is not my flavor of the month...but if this is Sweet Romance, it's sweet romance with a sharp tang that makes you want a whole lot more.

FIVE POWERFUL STARS, and I am looking forward to reading more "SWEET" romances from this author.


Nancy M Bell said...

Great review Lin. Congrats Helena on a fantastic story. If you liked this book, keep an eye out for Helena's next release, The Antique Romance.


Marian Lanouette said...

Great review, can't wait to read it.heatsnes

Victoria Roder said...

Congratulations Helena Fairfax on the wonderful review of The Silk Romance!

J Q Rose said...

I agree with Ladybug Lin. You'll fall in love with these characters. I enjoyed the setting in France taking me away from the everyday life and escaping into a different world. Great review, Lin!