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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Friday, August 23, 2013


Hey All, this is
Ladybug Lin popping on for another 

review of a book, a short book I just read.

I'm gonna start with a preface...What I would not give to have a future where no one ever had to have the knowledge to write a book such as the one I'm about to review. What an amazing world it would be...but alas...
A HYMN FOR THOSE LEFT BEHIND by J.D. Holmes. The cover kinda gives it away doesn't it?  (Powerful cover Charlotte Volnek.)

War...blood...shattered bones...brain traumatic stress...None describe the gut gnawing incisors that rip your innards to shreds better than being in the military when we're at war...especially wars like we've been engaged in in my lifetime. 

Those who go there, place their lives on the line, have lived it, done it, and on the surface, survived it, are forever changed by it. 

Their tales, rarely shared, and are so horrific, are the primer coatings of the nightmares haunting their sleeping landscapes, shattering their ability to function the rest of the time, no matter how hard they try. 
J.D. Holmes' A HYMN FOR THOSE LEFT BEHIND offers no candy coatings, no pretty masks, it rips our rose colored glasses away and shows us the bile beneath the pretense. 

I don't like having my guts shredded under normal circumstances, but J.D. Holmes deserves at the very 

LEAST FIVE STARS for this book, and so much more for the truth behind the story he's told. 
A HYMN FOR THOSE LEFT BEHIND. I pray a day will come when no one will NEED to sing such a hymn. 

Thank You, J.D. for a powerfully moving story.

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