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Friday, August 16, 2013



by Jack W. Germond

I never expected my first review for author Jack W. Germond to be my last, but I guess if it has to be the last, it might as well be a top notch book to review...and that's the case here.

Inside a major D.C. Newspaper hub where the busy world of digging out political intrigue is daily fair that makes the headlines and sells the papers, 

Jack W. Germond has created a tense, boiler pot of a story. He shows one and all the glamour we all think the media news possesses is actually coated beneath many layers of tarnish, some obvious, some concealed, some seedy, and some spreading like a dry rot through the majestic limbs of our stately cherry trees. 

No one alive today can look at the day-to-day business that transpires within the Beltway and not know lies, deceit, and subterfuge play huge parts in creating the ever shifting sands creating the foundation of politics. 

Jack Germond's ace reporter, Harry Fletcher knows this seedy world very well, and plays it with the panache of a man who's been at it for a long time.

Upon the death of his colleague and friend, Harry is given what those in the business call a "nugget"...a story not fully developed, and told to flesh it out...find the meat...get the story...if it really exists, but keep it close to his chest.

Treacherous waters. Harry must swim upstream against the odds, but when he does, who will he uncover are the real sharks waiting to tear him fin from fin?

This is a gripping story I read from beginning to end in one sitting. Mr. Germond's story telling skills captivated and had me cheering Harry Fletcher on as he came up against obstacle after obstacle and obstacle while ferreting out the truth.

When I reached the end, though, I wanted more. Sadly, there will be no more. 

Mr. Germond died the day this book released. So this book is the only book of his raw, to the barest bones of  fictional revelations of truth he will ever give to those of us now fans of his writing acumen.

Therefore it is with both a proud and heavy heart for this his 

A SMALL STORY FOR PAGE 3 I award Mr. Jack W. Germond 

FIVE stars.

Mr. Germond, may your stars light up your place in the corner of Forever you now reside in, and I thank you for your last gift to those of us you left behind.


Cyrus Keith said...

Amen, my sister.

Lin said...

Thank you Cyrus. Having lived for two years outside the Beltway, I know how accurate Mr. Germond's portrayal is.