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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Boy have I got a question for you. Have you ever wondered what the word 



Elle Druskin has decided to drop us, her intrepid readers, and her long...okay maybe NOT so long...suffering heroine smack dab into the middle of the truest meaning of the word...


Hayley Weaver feels it in her bones. Today all her hard work is going to pay off...she's going to make VICE office, secretary...and all those delicious benefits she'd been busting her hump for, almost round the clock, will finally be hers... how'd she end up on the street, meager box with her belongings inside, no job, no future, heading back to Jersey?

Thus begins Elle Druskin's Muse It Up Publishing spirited debut ANIMAL CRACKERS. Out of the ashes of her shattered dreams, Hayley Weaver finds herself hired to temporarily house sit for renowned, but little more than slightly eccentric, movie star Paulette Stone back in her {gulp} Liberty Heights, NJ home. 

It's official...Hayley's hit rock bottom...except not quite...that is still to come.

Someone, her best friend and temp office owner forgot to tell her part of Paulette's eccentricities involves owning a house filled with animals...of all manner and description...

...Hayley just happens to be a bit of an animal-a-phobe. 

What's a desperate, down on your luck girl supposed to do, but send out a reluctant but needed 

SOS to Jake Marx, the too good looking for her own good, thank you very much, boy from her kindergarten era crush, now local vet, plea for HELP?

Elle Druskin's story made me laugh so hard my sides ached, and split a time or two, and my head grow a bit lightheaded. I also ended up with this goofy smile affixed to my lips that had onlookers wonder about the state of my IQ. 

I, Ladybug Lin, and my friend, loved this story. 

Ms. Druskin knows how to create fun for her readers, and that is quite a talent. Writing humor effectively, is, I think the hardest form of creative writing there is, but Ms. Druskin pulls it off so well, it looks and feels easy.


A-1 storytelling from an A-1 storyteller deserves 

Five giddy stars at LEAST!

This is Ladybug Lin saying 


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