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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Friday, August 23, 2013

CYPHER by S.G. Rogers gets :LADYBUGGED

Ladybug Lin here segueing away from the trenches of war that made up the last book I read into 

MAGIC..Thank You S.G. Rogers.
I found CYPHER to be a delightful read, of course this IS my second journey into the magical fantasy world of 

S.G. Rogers and her version of enchantment is becoming, to quote Julie Andrews,


In this story, Ms. Rogers weaves a tale of magic banned by a king and his nasty, avaricious nephew long ago, when an earthquake caused the reigning powers in Cypher's land to die beneath the crumbling mass of their castle. That one act of Nature/ magic allowed the nearby monarch to move in and claim ownership over the remaining peoples, banning all forms of magic. 

Ten years have passed, and that greedy little twerp of a nephew has decided to destroy the landmark of the old castle the people cling to and build a castle worthy of himself, their future king in his mind only, much to the rage of Cypher and the other peoples of her land. 

Ten years for Cypher, an orphan child taken in by the bar master and his wife to grow into a stunning but outspoken beauty with a boatload of natural magic living inside her, and no respect whatsoever for the ruling outsiders. 

Magic is banned...but can one ban what percolates in DNA?

I enjoyed Cypher so much I read it twice from start to finish, and found myself wishing it was longer. 

S.G., I hope you're busy, busy, busy, writing more...but for now....


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