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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Monday, August 19, 2013


GROUNDS FOR MURDER by John Russo: Book One in Nora Huggins Mysteries Series

This is book one in John Russo's cozy murder mystery series starring Nora Huggins. People are ending up getting their stomachs pumped after having coffee in the gourmet coffee shop in Nora's upper middle class town and she's suspicious.

Being an avid reader of murder mysteries, every bell and whistle inside her agile mind is going TILT. She just KNOWS she can figure out what's really going on, before it gets serious...but can she?

I've read many cozies in my day and this book stacks up quite favorably with the ones I keep going back to. Nora Huggins is likable  energetic, determined, and intelligent. I found her husband a bit of a nuisance with his constant fears of an insurance payout by his company if she stirred the pot too vigorously. I know that's the way the world works, but I wanted to 

bop him a time or two. 

Still, over all, this is a delightful cozy foundation with Nora's character one I really enjoyed in book two 
FORECAST FOR MURDER...(her hubby was not on the scene at ALL!)
Therefore GROUNDS FOR MURDER has proven itself worthy of 

4 1/2 stars from me and a request from me to Mr. Russo...NORA, NORA, BRING US MORE NORA!

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