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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

MIDNIGHT FIND by Christine I. Steeves gets LADYBUGGED

LOVE Christine I. Steeves 
because she writes with an 

honest heart and an honest voice. Her heroines are REAL, 

down-to-earth people with substance, who aren't walking perfections that slip into skin molding size four dresses and back torturing size four 

stiletto  heels, all the while holding their expertly coiffed...not a hair out of place...ever...heads held high. NO...Christine's women have curves, and not always in a perky way they wish for; they have calluses on their hands because, 

they actually do more than sit all day admiring themselves in their polished mirrors.

They're women who have, horror upon horror...RUNS in their brand new panty hose...the one's they just bought on their way here to replace the ones that ran when they opened the pack to put on before coming here. These are women whose friends look at their nose to the grindstone tenacity, shake their heads and busily start lining up one disastrous blind date after another to break them away from that evil, all consuming grindstone. 

Just exactly like this one is going to turn out to be. 
Christine writes about REAL women...

like me, the real

Ladybug Lin
Can you tell I'm a Christine Steeves fan?


It's short, fast and 

too and come to love Christine I Steeves as much as I do too, The woman has a wicked 

sense of humor.



4 1/2 Stars for my favorite 


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