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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

MIDSUMMER MAID by Lindsay Townsend gets LADYBUGGED

Ladybug Lin 

here, still wading around in the sultry heat I never thought existed longer than a few days in a row, otherwise known as a Heat Wave. Down here a Heat Wave goes on and on until 

Old Man Winter manages to give us two seductively cool days of 46 degree weather somewhere in late January...maybe.

So I'm a steamy Ladybug who is thanking her lucky tail wings for her Kindle, when I get out of the 24/7 pool and a lot of determination not to give in to the slow fry of the southern sun.
MIDSUMMER MAID by Lindsay Townsend probably seems like a bad choice of a read when the air is so 

scaldingly hot you can scorch your nose hairs just by taking a deep breath, but sitting straight in front of your central air conditioner vents can over-ride some of the sultriest of humidity. 

Lindsay Townsend is a romantic whose love of history and fairy tales has collided in many of her brilliant story tellings of late. MIDSUMMER MAID could be her take on BEAUTY AND THE BEAST...they certainly seem to both be present in the lovely, but lowly milk maiden, Clare, and the "beastly" woodsman, Haaken, born with a strawberry birth mark...sure sign of his connection with the nefarious forked-tailed one from down under...w-a-a-y-y-y down in can you smell sulphur when he walks by?

Ms. Townsend takes us back to a time when the knights owned the land and the people living on it, and were free to do as they wished with both. Clare may be of a lowly station, her beauty was not going unnoticed, and although Haaken might be given a wide berth, due to his connection to the devil by most of the women, Clare sees beyond the skin to the man living inside. 

With her love of historical events, Ms. Townsend has no problem recreating the time of serfs and overbearing Lords over all they perceive. 

MIDSUMMER MAID is a quick, rich story of a love some might see as impossible given who Haaken and Clare are up against, but that makes their willingness to walk away from what they know except the love blooming between them and maybe winning against the odds all the more satisfying.
MIDSUMMER MAID is a heart clamoring 

WINNER worthy of every piece of the 

4 1/2 stars I, Ladybug Lin, am awarding it. 

VERY well done, Lindsay Townsend. Let's've tackled Sleeping Beauty with your 
MIDSUMMER MAID.  Which of the many 

fairy tales will you tackle next, Dear LAdy, your fans really want to know?

1 comment:

Lindsay Townsend said...

Thanks so much for this wonderful, warm, witty review, Lin! I'm delighted!

I keep wondering about another Christmas Story, possibly a retelling of the Little Match Girl?