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Sunday, August 4, 2013

NATASHA'S DREAM by Heather Greenis gets LADYBUGGED

It isn't often I, 

Ladybug Lin, read a book that leaves me 


NATASHA'S DREAM by Heather Greenis has managed to do JUST THAT!

Okay, calm down your Ladybugship...flutter your wings a bit...that's a good explain. It's NOT because it's terrible, or weak and pure drivel. It's so freaking good I want MORE!

I HATE where it ended...much the way I hate where Margaret Mitchell ended 

GONE WITH THE WIND! I mean seriously...we went all the way through the many trials of Scarlet O'Hara's whining and whippersnappering like the spoiled little pain in know where, but when she finally figures out Ashley's a sniveling lapdog and not worth wiping the horse stuff from Rhett's spit and polish, only to get home and have Rhett coldly leave and her sigh and say say she'll fix things 


Heather Greenis has given us pretty much the same kind of...we'll solve this tomorrow, kind of ending...and all I got to say is there'd BETTER be a tomorrow!

I have my suspicions about the reasons she left the current players in the unveiling of 

NATASHA'S DREAM dangling where they are. Ms. Greenis cunningly does not reveal the whys and wherefores of Keeghan's part in Natasha's story, today, NOR  does she explain who or what Alexander, the pseudo "narrator" of NATASHA'S DREAM is in the overall scheme of things...irrittating but also effectively shrewd. She made sure we'll be back, 

We get a form of a literary 

BRIDGE between what had BETTER be books one and two.

This IS a "keeper-book" and an "I-want-more-book."

Heather Greenis has sculpted from the crafters clay of words and grammer marks a brilliant construct that has me actively 

loathing Natasha's father, disdaining her foolhardy mother, and aching for Stewart, Hope, Nanny, Willard, and all those Natasha has easily enchanted, myself included with her simple capacity to be a source of love and caring.



FIVE EMOTION PACKED STARS, Ms. Greenis I give to you, but wish I could give you more. Now, open up your 

Word Processor and get back to book two...your fans await you!


Marsha said...

Great review, Lyn. Congrats Heather. Compared to GWTW! Not bad, lady. LOL

Heather said...

You made my day, Lin. Chuckled as I read the review, showed it to my hubby and watched and listened as he chuckled. Thrilled you liked Natasha's Dream.
I'll be in touch when Natasha's Diary launches. Editor Nancy gave it her thumbs approval and passed it to Teale so it's well on the way.
Heather Greenis - Natasha's Dream

Lin said...

You know you have a panting with drool, fan her howling for the next book in this series. I can assure you this is NOT a pretty picture since I cannot claim to be some sleek, well stacked she wolf all the alpha's are courting because of my enticing howl. No, I'm one of those howlers who gets rotten vegetables tossed at me and dire threats if I don't shut up, so I need you to hurry up now and get the next book in this series out here before Kat has to put up my pathetic obituary...Ladybug Lin, killed by a moldy rutabaga.

J Q Rose said...

Powerful words to describe this book. You went off on a tangent there, dear lady. Enjoyed the review. Congrats Heather!!!

Kay Dee Royal said...

Great Review, Lin...definitely fun to read and your intensity, well, it grabbed my attention like nothing else:)

Congrats, Heather!!

M.P. WARD said...

Just read the review on Natasha's Dream. It was very good, congrats from me too, Heather. Now after that I'm going to want her to review my book.