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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Friday, August 9, 2013

SHORTCOMINGS by Ginger Simpson runs into LADY BUG LIN and gets REVIEWED

Human nature sucks doesn't it? We know every little thing that's wrong with us, whether anyone else does or not, and because WE know them, we also know they are HUGE!

That over-sized toe nail on my left big toe, 

can't you hear it scraping the ground when I walk by, even though it's inside my enclosed shoe? I sure can, and don't get me started on that mountain sized mole on my neck just below my chin...HID-EEE-YUS!

Right...see what I mean? I know I have that toe nail in dire need of a pedicure, but even if you could see it you'd probably hardly take notice of it...

THAT'S what we have in this incredibly poignant story by multi-published and award winning author Ginger Simpson with SHORTCOMINGS.

Cindy Johnson isn't happy. She KNOWS she has faults, and the IN-CROWD makes certain they let her know at every juncture just how UNWORTHY she is...

Why? What is her horrible crime against mankind? She has one leg that's slightly shorter than the other.

Tormented by those IN-CROWD'S mocking birds, Cindy's self-esteem sinks until...but maybe...

I'm not going to do a spoiler and give the story away...suffice it to say...

...this book should be required reading in schools throughout the world, THAT'S how good it is. 

Ginger Simpson understands the pain caused by the not-so-casual taunting. She also knows the old saying, "STICKS AND STONES MAY BREAK MY BONES BUT NAMES WILL NEVER HURT ME,"


I give this book 


FIVE POWERFUL STARS, and its amazingly gifted author my thanks. Your writing voice is a 

beacon that I follow knowing I will find a beautiful message waiting for me to discover woven like the finest of tapestries within the intricate design of your words.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great read, Ginger. I love the cover, also.

Penny Estelle

Heather Haven said...

I read Shortcomings and was astonished at how eternally timely it is. Also, very upbeat. It's not a happy ending so much as a deserved ending, when we empower ourselves in a positive, growing way. It is a must read for the young and adults, alike.

Rita Karnopp said...

Not surprised that a favorite author of mine wrote such a heart-pulling, honest book. I'm in agreement - it should be on the bookshelves of every
school YA library. Way to go, Ginger.

Sydell Voeller said...

Ginger, congratulations on such well-deserved praise. I love coming of age stories, and I'll look forward to reading yours.

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Ginger,
Well done and well deserved. You write from the heart and it shows.



Kathy Fischer-Brown said...

What a great review, Ginger! And the book sounds terrific.